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Maybe your smoothie game is strong. Or maybe, if you’re like us, you try for a delicious blend only to get meh. Or worse, blech.

We turned to the new Beaming Café, a superfood brand with three locations across the city, for some advice. (Their raw-cacao-laced Sexy Mayan smoothie, $10, is our post-workout treat.) Try these tips for ways to pack your drink with more flavor and nutrients. 

Beaming Café, 605 N. La Cienega Blvd.; 310-299-7691 or

Freeze fruit

For mondo iciness, freeze ripe blueberries and other seasonal fruit the day before you blend.

Swap in avocado

One third of an avocado instead of a banana yields a creamy consistency but with a lower level of fruit sugars.

Steam veggies

Don’t have a high-powered Vitamix but want to drink greens? Steam broccoli, kale and the like, cool, then refrigerate the day before.

Hack the water

Use a mix of half sprouted almond milk and half coconut water for a fluid base that’s more nutrient dense (and yummier) than plain agua.

Find the perfect ratio

New to smoothies? Start with 40 percent fruit and 60 percent greens. Then, once you’re on board, reduce the amount of fruit and up the volume of greens for a drink that’s less sweet and yields maximum nutrition. To take things even further, get Beaming's Superfood Smoothie Kit ($75), complete with supplements and a recipe e-book to increase the health factor of your blends.

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