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Who says tricks--or treats--are for kids? Halloween is around the corner, and we take this as our official excuse for a made-up ritual we call: The Annual Indulging of the Sweet Tooth. Here are five of Chicago’s most delicious confections to snack on now, no costume required.

Marshmallows from Katherine Anne Confections

Where to start with this local chocolatier? We could start with the truffles, which come in a rotating crop of seasonal flavors, such as pumpkin ale. But at the moment, we have a soft (squishy) spot for the handmade marshmallows. This month, nab them in fall flavors such as Cinnamon Apple and Chai Tea. Bonus: All day today the Logan Square shop is hosting a toast-your-own-s?mores bash.

2745 W. Armitage Ave.; 773-245-1630 or


Truffles from Vosges Haut-Chocolat

What better pairing for ghost stories than ?Super Dark? chocolates? The newest collection from so-stylish candy shop Vosges features truffles in exotic flavors like Algae and Rosemary. Despite their name, the goodies are decidedly non-scary--even for health nuts, since they?re made with dark chocolate and filled with superfoods like those mentioned above.

520 N. Michigan Ave.; 312-6449450 or


Toffee from Terry’s Toffee

We’re a sucker for a good story, and we love that this local candy company was inspired by a family recipe. If you want a taste of the batch that store muse Grandmother McCall used to make, try the McCall’s Classic. Which we may do one day…if we ever move on from the white-chocolate-coated Lemon Paradise.

1117 W. Grand Ave.; 312-733-2700 or


Candy Bars from Amy’s Candy Bar

With its sky-blue walls and rows of apothecary jars, Amy’s looks like an adorable sweets shop out of central casting. But it’s not all eye candy: You’ll definitely want to taste some of the handmade confections. Start with the OMG Candy Bar, which has layers of sea-salt caramel, hazelnut praline and milk-chocolate ganache. (OMG is right.)

4704 N. Damen Ave.; 773-942-6386 or

Dylan’s “Fish Bowl” candy cocktail.

Cocktails at Dylan’s Candy Bar

Typically, we believe that candy and cocktails should be enjoyed separately. But heck, it’s almost Halloween. The cheerful café serves stiff, sweet concoctions like the Nerdy Mojito. (That’d be your typical mojito, with a rim of purple Nerds.) If you’re still suspicious of alcoholic sweets, order the Candy Bar Blast ice cream sundae, which comes topped with Kit Kat Bars, Reese’s Pieces and so much more.  

445 N. Michigan Ave.; 312-702-2247 or

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