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Sure, you’re all about a balanced diet, nutrition, fitness…did someone say ice cream? Yes, that’s what we heard, too. So let’s step away from our kale smoothies and brown rice for a moment to sample the crazy-delicious new ice-cream treats across town.

Churro Borough’s Ice-Cream Sandwich

This Los Feliz spot makes fresh, sugary churros, then smooshes flavor-packed scoops of ice cream--like Chocolate Cookie Malt and vegan Coconut Kaffir Lime Sorbet--between them.

Salt & Straw’s Papi’s Korean Fluffernutter

Local chef deity Roy Choi developed this ice cream based on the Korean-Beijingesque boiled, spiced peanuts he loved as a kid: peanuts, marshmallow, blackberry jelly and Thai chiles. It’s available only through June, so indulge now.

Jeni’s Splendid’s Gooey Butter Sundae

At this ice creamery, salty caramel and honey butterscotch sauces are poured over brown-butter almond brittle ice cream, then topped with a cookie, whipped cream and a cherry.

McConnell’s Waffle Cones

Barbara-based since ’49, this institution just opened a Studio City location. Try the boysenberry rosé milk jam or the Eureka lemon with marionberries (nicknamed “the Cabernet of blackberries”) on a supercrispy, house-made waffle cone.

Ice Que’s Funnel Cake Ice Cream Sandwich

On Thursday afternoons only, this Alhambra spot serves two funnel cakes around a fat slice of strawberry mascarpone ice cream. Prepare to nap.

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