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After cooking dinner every night this week, rocking that cheeky email thread at work and finally finishing your spring cleaning, you deserve a vacation. This weekend.

There’s only one problem: Every rental car in the entire city is booked. Or like, $500 a day.

Here are five mini day trips you can take using public transportation--no car necessary.

NY CarlessTrips List1


Hmm, should you spend the day outside or at a museum? At the Storm King Art Center, you can do both. Hop on the train at Penn Station and explore the picturesque 500-acre landscape, featuring hundreds of outdoor sculptures and art installations.

One hour by New Jersey Transit/Metro-North train

NY CarlessTrips List2


OK, this place takes antiquing to a whole new level. After browsing the quaint shops in Doylestown for treasures you can take home, wander through the Mercer Museum, which features a glorious (and, um, dusty) hodgepodge of priceless items like whaling boats and farming tools from the Industrial Revolution. 

Two hours by Trans Bridge Lines bus

NY CarlessTrips List3


Is it bathing suit season yet? Wait, now is it? Even in a light sweater, there’s tons to do in this pretty-as-a-postcard beach town, like dining at the breathtaking Washington Inn and strolling down the streets lined with brightly painted Victorians. Just think of the Instagram pics.

Two and a half hours by New Jersey Transit bus

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NY CarlessTrips List4


Sometimes the cabs are honking and your phone is vibrating and you just want to travel back to 1750. Take a half-hour train trip (and a quick cab ride) to Philipsburg Manor, a 300-year-old manor house with a working mill and old-timey chores you can actually help with. Wheat threshing?! We’re so there.

30 minutes by Metro-North train

NY CarlessTrips List6


No, that’s not a creepy ghost. It’s an art installation in Hamilton’s Grounds for Sculpture. Spend the afternoon wandering the fields (and taking photos with the statues), then have lunch at the tasty, beautiful and not-at-all-gross-despite-its-name Rat’s Restaurant.

One and a half hours by New Jersey Transit train