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3 Secrets to Getting Bikini-Ready
Enjoy your vaca more by feeling good in your swimsuit

We’ve done the juice cleanse. Our friends have done the juice cleanse. Frankly, we’re waiting for our dog to announce that she, too, has tried a juice cleanse.

Enough with getting all sugared up, then hitting glycemic withdrawal. We’ve found a new way to feel better while dropping pounds: the one-week Bikini Cleanse, a supplement to sensible meals. At first we were skeptical about this boxed set. It’s pricey ($189) and requires prepping the approved dishes you’ll be eating all week (umm, delivery?).

But then we realized that what you’re paying for is both the drinks--seven smoothies, 14 lemonade-flavored drinks and seven detox teas--and an education. (An accompanying booklet contains weight-loss advice and recipes.) Here are some tips we gleaned while we dropped those pesky final five pounds.

Make a weekly meal plan You’ll skip the bloating Chinese takeout if you’ve got ingredients for Spring Veggie Pasta in your fridge.

Weigh yourself daily Don’t be obsessive, but before swimsuit season, every half pound you shed is a small victory. 

Hydrate creatively A bit of cinnamon, kiwi, apple-cider vinegar and other detoxifying additions to your daily gallon of water make it seem a lot more like a cocktail than a cleanse.

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