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Last week, grocery stores from Lincoln Park to Joliet were crammed with shopping carts and frantic bread-crumbs seekers. In short: The scene was not pleasant. (And there was no open bar in sight.) But don’t let that be an indicator of provisions shopping for the season to come. Here are three reasons to make Andersonville’s Pastoral the only place you shop for your holiday-party needs.

There Are Top-Quality Cheeses, Breads and Wines: Luckily, the rustic shop--think sliding barn doors and flowers in silver buckets-- specializes in all three. And experts are on hand to help guide your choices, like which wine to pair with organic Camembert or small-batch flatbreads.

There Are Ready-Made Catering Trays: So you’re having a cocktail bash. Need a food whiz to help you mix and match charcuterie, breads and perhaps some Sour Puss Pickles? The store has an in-house catering department that whips up on-point spreads. A beverages expert will also weigh in.

There Is Champagne on Tap: We haven’t mentioned the Turkish dried apricots or single-origin chocolates yet, but let’s skip to the Champagne. You heard us right: The in-store French restaurant, Appellation, has all the sparkly stuff you could dream of. It also has cozy, bistro-style dishes like chicken thighs with mustard-vinegar sauce.

5112 N. Clark St.; 773-358-7181 or


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