Hopping on board the Whole30 diet train might seem daunting at first. But it’s a myth that healthy food is harder to prepare than unhealthy food. Here, 20 fast, easy and super seasonal Whole30 recipes that’ll make you ditch that PSL and never look back.

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Our Salty Kitchen

Carrot Soup with Pecans and Thyme

Like a big, warm hug.

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The Tolerant Tummy

30-Minute Sundried Tomato Chicken Skillet

It’s every busy person’s dream.

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40 Aprons

Creamy Tomato Artichoke Chicken

Crowd-pleaser alert.

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Club Narwhale Blog

Easy Apple Cider Pork Chops

We give you permission to swap in chicken breast, too.

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Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

One-Pan Roasted Salmon with Potatoes and Romaine

Never do a dish again.

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Well Plated

Harvest Chicken Skillet with Sweet Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts and Sautéed Apples

Tip: Look for additive-free bacon.

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Eat the Grains

Harvest Chicken and Sweet Potato Bowls

Hellooo, meal prep.

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Our Salty Kitchen

Paleo Chili Con Carne with Roasted Peppers

It’s even better the second day.

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The Endless Meal

Spicy Sesame Chicken Zoodles

Tastes dirty. (Hint: It’s not.)

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Eat Well 101

Mexican Cauliflower Rice with Cheesy Steak Roll-Ups

Let’s spice up dinner, shall we?

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The Wooden Skillet

20-Minute Chorizo and Brussels Sprouts Bowl

Everything we’ve ever dreamed about.

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A Twisted Plate

Perfectly Roasted Potatoes

The only side dish you’ll ever need.

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food Faith Fitness

Slow-Cooker Jerk Chicken Curry

Ready thy Crock-Pot.

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Hungry By Nature

Chopped Thai Broccoli Salad with Creamy Cashew Dressing

Bonus: It lasts in the fridge without getting soggy.

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Physical Kitchness

Ranch Seasoned Fried Brussels Sprouts

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

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PHysical Kitchness

Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce

Bonus points if you serve it in a spaghetti squash.

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Cotter Crunch

Ancho Beef Chili Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins

Come to Mama.

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Paleo Running Momma

Caramelized Onion Apple Sausage Stuffed Acorn Squash

Dressed to impress.

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Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

Balsamic Cranberry Roast Chicken

It’s a no-brainer.

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Every Last Bite

Turkey and Cranberry Meatballs with Cranberry Orange Sauce

File under “things we’re thankful for.”

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