What College Looks Like in 2016

Take a look at this shopping guide for everything it takes to prepare the incoming freshman class.



Surprise! Colleges Have Walk-In Closets

Under-bed storage is a thing of the past. Nowadays, students are like mini California Closets experts, customizing every inch of their dorm with sleek shoe racks and rolling dressers to maximize space.

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Black-Out Blinds Are the New Curtains

And so begins four years of all-nighters at the libs (that’s short for library). Smart coeds now catch up on precious zzz’s with a little help from black-out shades.

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Good-bye, Lava Lamps. Hello, Paper String Lights

Gotta love the college kid who decorates their room so they’re ready for a party at a moment’s notice.

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Divide the Room with a Hanging Garden

Instead of a 1970s tapestry--or heaven forbid, a towel--kids today are way more fancy in their DIY when it comes to dividing a Lilliputian dorm room (thank you, Pinterest). We can’t help but get a little wistful looking at this semi-sheer curtain with clipped-on faux flowers. It makes sleeping four feet from a stranger a little more bearable.

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Common Room

Fancy Coffee Only

“What? You mean to tell me that you only have drip coffee?” Students these days wouldn’t be caught dead with a basic coffeemaker. It’s French press or bust. And here’s how they foam milk in the microwave.

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Daybeds Are the New Beanbags

Teens are smarter now. The beanbag chair has been tossed to the curb in favor of the daybed. It becomes a clutch sleeping arrangement for their new dorm BFFs.

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They Still Decorate with Framed Records

Remember that Radiohead poster you had plastered above your little twin bed at Vassar? Well, today’s kiddos are doing the same thing except this time with a little more aesthetic flare.

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Good-bye, Ramen. Hello, Avocado Toast

Cup Noodles have had their day. Even if the teens today are drinking more coffee than you can fathom (see above), thankfully they are making healthier snack choices.

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Community Bathrooms Feel More Private

Can you imagine if you had your own bathroom while living in the dorms? Students still living with shared showers are taking the initiative to make the space feel more personal. Think an actual bath rug, room for a soap dish and places to hang their loofahs.

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Um, Is That a Personal Washer and Dryer?

OK, so this doesn’t happen everywhere, but some 21st-century dorm rooms even have their own washer and dryers. But whether the machines are five feet away or in the basement, you’ll still have to teach them how to actually use the things.

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Create a Fully Stocked Bath Cart

They’ve never stepped inside New York City’s tricked-out Gansevoort Hotel, but it’s safe to say that they’ve probably seen it on Snapchat. In other words, they know a thing or two about the importance of outfitting their bathroom with the most luxurious products.

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Work Space

They’re All on Their Tablets

High school seniors are well aware of the top degrees for getting hired in 2016. (Laters, art history. Millennials are all about computer science and biostatistics.) So don’t be surprised if your little bookworm all of a sudden takes up coding.

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Ergonomic Swivel Chairs Are Essential

Remember the days of suffering through quantum theory while sitting on a rock-hard wooden desk chair? Yeah, that doesn?t happen anymore, either.

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Their Desk, Their Selfies

This is the selfie generation, so of course their desk is also a spot for quick touch-ups.

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Keep Those Cords Organized

Laptop, lamp, LED TV… A lot happening on that little desk of theirs. Kids today want to enjoy, not be entangled by, life’s cords.

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