Fresh Lime

You’re an Energetic Optimist

While some may scoff at the sight of your weekly schedule, staying active is the key to your happiness--whether that means 6 a.m. sprints or a 6 p.m. trampoline class (hey, you’ll try anything once). You love to break a sweat, but you’ve also mastered how not to sweat the small stuff.

Classpass Subscription

Sticking to a routine is good. Sticking to the same workout routine is not so good. Jump off the boring elliptical and sign up for ClassPass. This monthly membership allows you to access hundreds of different workout classes (from Pure Barre to Barry’s Bootcamp) nationwide, all for a discounted price.

Bkr Water Bottle

Pick up the Bkr one-liter water bottle. Drink two of these a day and you’ve hit your daily H2O intake (two liters = eight glasses). It’s that easy.

Zucchini Ribbon Salad

You may have never-ending energy, but everyone hits a dinner rut every once in a while. Our suggestion: zucchini ribbons. Use a vegetable peeler to slice raw zucchini into thin strips, add tart lemon juice, a punch of mustard and some good-quality olive oil, and you’ve got a meal that’s easier--and tastier--than a bowl of pasta.

Energizing Body Wash

No need to start the day with a freezing-cold shower. One whiff of Olay Fresh Outlast Energizing Lime & White Tea Body Wash is all it takes to get an early-morning boost.

8G Greens Superfood Supplement

Did you know that only 9 percent of Americans eat the recommended two to three cups of vegetables a day? And forget about smoothies--they’re often sugar bombs (as in, 20 grams per serving). The happy medium: green juice in Alka-Seltzer form. Just drop one of these into your Bkr water bottle (see above) and cross ‘wheatgrass and kale’ off your grocery list.

Chronos Watch

Torn between your Cartier Tank and your Fitbit? Meet Chronos, the removable disk that affixes to the back of any standard watch and syncs with a corresponding app to track your steps, alert you to incoming calls and even tell you when your Uber arrives.

Vacation to Rio

The home of the 2016 Summer Olympics is a major draw for you this season, so if you want to be part of the action this year (tickets and vacation packages are still for sale), jump on your travel plans now.

Houseplant Delivery

Keep your home as lively as you are by bringing the outside in. Plants, especially succulents like cacti, can help clean your air, deter illness and even make you feel more productive. Try a company like The Sill that delivers a wide variety of flora housed in adorable vases.

AYR Workout Jeans

The denim gurus at AYR recently debuted the Flex Tech (their ‘jean of the future’), which is designed with 80 percent stretch recovery. Meaning, they’re basically like leggings, so if you’re running late to Pilates class, you won’t even have to change. Well, not really.


Must-Have Cocktail Recipe

Energizing Lime & White Tea Margarita

Sweet Black Currant

You’re a Calm Observer

Maintaining peace of mind in an overly engaged life comes naturally to you--you’re no stranger to a long bubble bath or a weekend yoga bender. And while you understand the value of hard work, you also feel that Zen is part of your DNA. (That bamboo plant on your nightstand is no accident.)

OMG I Can Meditate! App

This handy app demystifies the practice of meditation through an easy-to-follow program geared toward even the most reluctant meditators. You don’t even have to sit cross-legged.

Death to Stock

Soothing Body Wash

Rinse away the stress of your day with an evening shower coupled with a calming fragrance like Olay Fresh Outlast Soothing Orchid & Black Currant Body Wash. The scent will linger long after you towel dry.

Parachute Bath Linens

Never underestimate the power of a plush yet incredibly quick-drying towel. Our favorite? Parachute’s new line of bath linens. They’re inspired by ancient Turkish towels, but they’re oversized for modern comfort.

Vacation to the Seychelles

The 115 islands off the east coast of Africa--with their postcard-perfect beaches, tropical forests and obscenely luxurious accommodations--practically ooze R&R. Just take a peek at our travel guide if you need some extra convincing.

The Silk Light

This smart LED bulb automatically adjusts its temperature and brightness throughout the day, so you get the right color and amount of light when you need it. Welcome to the most peaceful bedroom of all time.

Foreo Cleansing Brush

Get your hands on the Foreo Luna Mini, a facial brush that channels T-Sonic pulsations through soft silicone bristles for deep yet gentle cleansing. It’s like having a tiny spa in your bathroom.

Matcha Green Tea

Coffee is life affirming. We’ll never fight you on that. But if Zen is what you’re after, consider starting your day with matcha, a Japanese green tea in powder form that’s whisked into hot water or milk. It’s a healthier alternative to those morning java jitters.

Zeel Massage on Demand

Instead of planning your massage weeks in advance, consider ordering one on demand with the Zeel app. Yes, as in a masseuse in your living room (and it won’t even cost you extra).

Long-Sleeved Maxi Dress

Pretty, transitional and Stevie Nicks-approved, the bohemian maxi dress is the most comfortable thing you’ll put on your body this year. While a full-on print may seem overwhelming, smaller details (like this Rebecca Taylor pattern) make the dress more forgiving.

Must-Have Cocktail Recipe

Soothing Orchid & Black Currant Martini

Crisp Pear

You’re the Smart One

Chances are your Myers Briggs personality type is ENTJ, and if anyone spotted your to-do list they would probably bow down in awe. Staying keen and focused is your calling, as are double espressos and getting your inbox to zero. Running off to go shatter that glass ceiling? Of course, you may be excused.

Trench Vest

A surefire transitional piece for a working wardrobe. Wear this vest over your shift dress with a pair of heels for the office. Then team it with boyfriend jeans and a striped T-shirt for Sunday brunch.

Appointed Paper Goods

You still believe in the power of the written word, which is why you’re a total sucker for beautifully designed paper goods. Invest in a notebook and brass mechanical pencil to become the envy of all your office mates.

Wunderlist App

People tend to be most productive in the first three hours after waking up. Make it a goal to finish at least one looming task by 12 p.m., and use the gorgeous productivity app Wunderlist to help yourself get there.

Veggie Sushi

Sorry, favorite delivery guy, we’re rolling our own tonight. Switch up the traditional seaweed (nori) wrap and try a couple slices of cucumber for a fresh and healthy twist, plus a nice little crunch.

Crisp Body Wash

You need a body wash that works as hard as you do. Reach for Olay Fresh Outlast Crisp Pear & Fuji Apple Body Wash--its refreshing scent will linger with you from a.m. conference call to networking cocktails.

Ikea Hack

Being smart also means that you’re incredibly savvy. Which also means that you know a coat of soft-green paint and a set of brass bar pulls can instantly transform Ikea’s wooden Tarva dresser from plain into stunningly photogenic.

Google OnHub Router

Finally, you don’t have to compromise your sleek home decor for a speedy Internet connection. Just nab Google’s new OnHub router and slip one of these chic sleeves over the drab device. Place it right on your coffee table for optimal connectivity.

Away Luggage

Business trips: good for catching up on in-flight entertainment, terrible for in-flight bag wrangling. You need a piece of luggage that can meet your demands. The new direct-to-consumer company Away fits the bill. Away’s beautifully designed suitcase is the Swiss Army knife of carry-on bags. Hint: It has a built-in battery charger for smartphones and tablets. Need we say more?

Sleek Top-Handle Bag

With its elegant shape and practical expandable sides, this Valentino handbag is the ultimate in ladylike refinement. The structured accessory is crafted from smooth leather, boasts convenient zip pockets and will probably be your best investment yet (and you’re really good at reading the stock market).

Must-Have Cocktail Recipe

Crisp Pear & Fuji Apple Sparkling Sangria

Fruity Mango

You’re a Social Butterfly

You were the first in your group to speak emojis, and you pride yourself on your ability to work a room (solo, we might add). You’re the person who makes everyone feel welcome (and we’re going to guess that you’re also a Leo).

Invigorating Body Wash

Your morning shower holds more power than you might think. Introduce Olay Fresh Outlast Invigorating Champagne Mango & White Ginger Body Wash into your routine and see how a quick whiff of ginger helps to improve your mood.

Trick to Sipping Champagne

Every socialite needs a few party tricks up her sleeve. Here’s one to add to the memory bank: to avoid getting lipstick on your Champagne flute or wineglass, simply lick the edge of the glass quickly right before you take a sip. Voilà!

Off-the-Shoulder Top

Your shoulders are your most valuable fashion asset this season. So how best to show them off? A chic off-the-shoulder top. It neatly frames your upper half with clever cutting and draping, and coordinates well with denim or your new wide-leg trousers.

Weekday Taco Night

The ideal meal fit for a crowd’ Why, tacos, of course. When your entertaining gene wants to play, reach for our guide to throwing the best damn taco night your friends have ever experienced. Good news: Individual-sized nachos are involved.

Coco to Go

Refreshing your fragrance in public’ Quel faux pas! Now you can dab your pulse points with this spicy scented Chanel Coco Mademoiselle gel perfume via a sleek doe-foot tip. A far more elegant move, trendsetter.

Weekend in Paris

The wafting aroma of croissants from a patisserie, the floral gardens of the Tuileries, the luxe perfumeries that dot the Champs-Élysées?The scents of Paris are as heady as its style and culture. Ditch your guidebook and follow our recommendations for a trip that will ignite your senses.

Slate’s Culture Gabfest

The easiest way to stay in the know? Keep your finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist. No, we don’t mean watching copious amounts of E! News. Instead, devote your commute to listening to Slate’s Culture Gabfest, a weekly podcast on culture high and low. Cue the water-cooler talk.

Sectionals (They’re Back)

Speaking of entertaining, this year’s biggest home-design trend happens to be right up your alley. As living rooms transition from formal environments (circa 1987) to more relaxed spaces for lounging, we’re all for a sofa that lets us sprawl out.

Clutch That Charges Your Phone

If your battery is running low after an impromptu Instagram binge, this Kate Spade New York x Everpurse pouch has got you covered. Just slip your phone into the slim charging station found inside the bag. The technology packs enough juice to power up your phone twice.

Must-Have Cocktail Recipe

Champagne Mango & White Ginger Bellini

Cool Strawberry Mint

You’re a New Bohemian

Quite possibly the hardest thing in life to master, creativity is often a fleeting trait. But baby, you have it in spades. You’re the woman who makes wearing complicated patterns and maxi skirts look effortless as you prance from film festival to art biennial. You can’t be tamed, and consequently, your Instagram is a must-follow.

Meals in a Bowl

It all started with smoothie bowls. But now these all-in-one meals are branching out to claim lunch and dinner too. Check out five inventive combinations that put a fresh spin on the meaning of the one-pot meal.

Denim Culottes

Step aside, basic skinny jeans. The new kids on the block are the denim culottes. It’s practically a guarantee that you’ll wear these workhorses at least once a week from now until the end of September, so start prepping the outfits now.

Tassel Clutch

Just like those killer shoes you’ve been coveting, tassels are also taking over handbags. Pro tip: Whether you pick up a crossbody or clutch, make sure that the base color is neutral. That way it will match with more of your wardrobe and you’ll be more apt to carry it all season long.

Secret Garden Adult Coloring Book

Studies show that adult coloring can help with stress, insomnia and creative performance. The perfect nighttime activity if we ever saw one. (After wine consumption, of course.)

Cooling Body Wash

Reach for a body wash that ignites your senses. The scent of Olay Fresh Outlast Cooling White Strawberry & Mint Body Wash will leave you feeling vibrant no matter where the day takes you.

Cape Town Vacation

If you’ve ever been like ‘Hmm, should I go to Europe or should I go to Africa?’ then we’ve got good news: They had a love child, and her name is Cape Town. Whether you want to shop for locally designed furniture in Woodstock or chill with penguins at Boulder Beach, check out our guide for exploring this under-the-radar design capital.

Alice Through the Looking Glass

They’re ba-ack. Johnny Depp and the crew (Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, et al) return in this version of Lewis Carroll’s 1871 follow-up to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Pick up the book to read ‘Jabberwocky’ (considered one of the greatest nonsensical poems of all time) and watch the movie (in theaters May 27) to, well, feel like you’re tripping on acid.

Rug Layering

Why settle for one rug when you can have two? The trick here is to choose fairly inexpensive styles (otherwise this could add up fast). Think a jute rug teamed with a fluffy shearling or two thinner woven rugs in complementary patterns and hues.

Opalescent Nail Polish

These shade-shifting hues look different in every light, but the pearly finish makes it all look awfully refined. It’s the perfect way to keep ’em guessing.

Must-Have Cocktail Recipe

Cooling White Strawberry & Mint Smash