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PureWow's Guide to Effortless Style

No matter the occasion, there?s a handbag that can take you there

Morning Business Venture

How to
Wear It

Traveling from your home to the office and then to client meetings can throw anyone into a tizzy. The easiest way to alleviate anxiety is with a foolproof ensemble:

  • Gray
  • Structured
  • Pastel

Featuring a compartment that fits your laptop, as well as plenty of storage for your professional (read: commanding) heels, the C de Cartier leather bag automatically makes you feel more put together. See how to create the full look below.

Midday Coffee Break

How to
Wear It

It?s possible to have a little fun while still appearing polished. The key is a classic silhouette (read: a shift dress) in a rich jewel tone. Here?s the formula:

  • Shift
  • Patterned
  • Contrasting

Finishing off the look with a pair of patterned heels and a handbag in a contrasting color makes everything pop. This white C de Cartier tote with navy piping (exclusive to the U.S. and Canada markets) is just the thing. See how to create the full look below.

After-Hours Drinks

How to
Wear It

We?re all too familiar with the term cocktail dress. Um, hello, that red one from Nellie Partow is a knockout. But let?s try to forget everything you once thought about the cocktail bag. Instead, try something like this:

  • Killer
  • Punchy
  • Vibrant

Think of your handbag as your second statement and opt for a hue just as vibrant as your frock?s. One size smaller than the tote, this C de Cartier bag looks great sitting on the table next to you. (But you still take the cake.)


The brand-new C de Cartier bag can be found at Cartier boutiques nationwide as well as online. But take it from us, when the boutiques are this chic, stopping by the store for a firsthand look and feel is kind of a no-brainer.

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