Get Healthy

Your body: a mysterious, marvelous puzzle--until now. Check out our quick tips and easy self-tests to give you a better picture of your wellness from head to toe.

  • HEAD

    SELF-TEST: Do you meditate?

    Meetings, errands, work, dinner plans...it’s getting crowded in here (in your head, that is). That’s why it’s more necessary than ever to just. Sit. Still. (And time and again, science says it works wonders to keep your immune system tip-top). With guided, practical meditations like “Two Minute Stress Reliever” and “Standing in Line,” OMG I Can Meditate! is a subscription app that leads you through easy, do-anywhere sessions (no experience necessary) to help you deal.

    iPhone with a sunset background

    omg i can meditate

    $13 per month

  • FACE

    Simplify your skincare

    You don’t really need 17 daily products to keep your skin glowing--at a certain point, they all start to counteract each other. (Who’s got time for that, anyway?) The three essentials you do need, though: a good cleanser (to remove the day’s grime), a regenerative eye cream (to battle those crow’s feet), and a nourishing face cream (to replenish lost hydration). Immunocologie’s set is a luxurious option, but nothing beats the classic Clinique 3-Step Skin Care System.

    3 Immunocologie Regenerative Collection




    Feed your brain

    Sponsored On-the-go days demand snacks that can keep up with you. BROOKSIDE Fruit & Nut Bars are made with premium ingredients (like rich dark chocolate, tart cherries and pomegranate flavor) plus roasted almonds, all which work together to keep you sharp, focused, and less likely to dive into those stale office donuts at 11am. Even better: These portable bars taste like heaven.

    Brookside Fruit and Nut Bar

    BROOKSIDE Fruit & Nut Bar

    $18 per box of 12

  • HAND

    SELF-TEST: How hydrated are you?

    Pinch the skin on the top of your hand between your thumb and forefinger. If it snaps right back, you’re golden (your skin becomes more elastic when cells are full of fluids). If not, you’re probably parched. Meet Hidrate Spark: the water bottle that syncs with your phone (and lights up) to subtly remind you when to take a sip.


    Know your numbers

    The latest fitness trackers go way beyond counting steps and calories. The Sona Connected Bracelet is the first of its kind to track your “resonance” (aka resilience to stress); it also teaches you how to better respond to stress through heart-rate-calming breathing exercises on your phone.


    Get to planking

    Enough with the crunches already (especially if you’ve got chronic back pain). Instead, try planks, the single greatest move to achieve rock-hard abs (not to mention killer shoulders, arms and legs). Get in a push-up position on your forearms and hold for 30 seconds. Pro tip: squeeze your shoulder blades together, and pull your belly in towards your spine to really feel it all over. Finally, reward your disciplined self with a new pair of killer high-waist leggings.

  • HIP

    SELF-TEST: How strong are you?

    Sit cross-legged on the floor, with your shoes off, and try to stand straight up without kneeling or using your hands. Can you do it? If so, congrats: you’ve got strength, balance and flexibility (the healthy-body trifecta). If not, add toning and balancing exercises that focus on the hip joints into your workout routine. Particularly great are three classic yoga poses: pigeon, tree and warrior II.


    Get up, stand up

    Are you sitting for more than five hours at a time? It’s not unusual: the average American is seated up to 70 percent of the day and it puts her at a greater risk for things like diabetes and heart disease. Make a pact with yourself to get outside for 10 minutes at lunch, or become the envy of your coworkers and be the proud first owner of a treadmill desk. Not ready to shell out the big bucks? Invest in an ergonomic laptop stand that’ll improve your posture even while you’re seated.

  • KNEE

    SELF-TEST: Do you have good balance?

    Stand barefoot on an even surface, then lift one foot up off the ground to knee height and close your eyes. Can you balance for 30 seconds? If yes, congrats on being a mind-body coordination master! If you struggled, you’re not alone. Consider asymmetrical strength-training moves (think alternate lunges with bicep curls) to work your right-left brain and body.

  • FOOT

    Get to know your gait

    Take a peek at the soles of your sneakers: are they more worn on the inside edges of the heels? You might have a pronated foot (meaning you roll your foot inward when you walk or run), so look for kicks with more support in the inner arches. Are the outside edges wearing away faster? It’s possible you’re supinating, or rolling your foot outward, and you should seek a shoe with an overall thicker sole. Either way, an uneven gait is responsible for a slew of ailments, from lower back pain to ankle sprains. Consult a trainer to find sneakers that best support you or test out a pair of tech-forward kicks from Allbirds (they’re made of lightweight wool and are oh-so-comfy).