9 Pieces of Clothing Every Cancer Should Have in Her Wardrobe

Cancer signs are deeply intuitive and sentimental creatures, but their love and devotion doesn’t just extend to their friends and family. It can also play a serious role in how they dress themselves each morning. (Got a thing for oversize men’s sweaters? Blame the stars.) Here are nine items any gal born between June 21 and July 22 should definitely have in her arsenal, if she doesn’t already.

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a woman wearing a black lace blouse with jeans
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A Delicate Lace Blouse

Pairs well with Shakespearean sonnets and that Joanna Newsom album you’ve got on repeat. Give your ladylike frills a more modern edge by pairing them with raw-hem jeans and a trendy kitten heel.

a woman wearing a tough leather jacket
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A Tough Jacket

You know that hardened crab shell you’re always hiding behind? A) Let’s workshop that. B) Let’s turn it into something stylish.

two women wearing blanket scarves
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A Giant Blanket Scarf

Be honest: You wish it were acceptable for adult women to sleep swaddled.

a woman wearing a silky skirt
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A Silky Skirt

Scratchy wool and stiff tulle? Um, pass. Cancers gravitate toward soft silks, knits and cottons, which help them feel safer and more at home…even when they’re out in the world.

a woman wearing a bright caftan
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A Flowy Caftan

As a water sign, Cancers feel a pull toward fluid shapes and fabrics. And also toward a beach vacation on a tropical island. Just saying.

a woman wearing silky pajamas out and about
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Comfy Cozy Pjs

No judgment if you wear them 19 hours a day.

a woman wearing a retro shirt dress
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Something Retro

Cancers are highly nostalgic creatures, who love both learning and talking about the good old days. Lean into that with a 1950s shirtdress, 1970s jumpsuit or, heck, 19th-century corset. (Hey, whatever floats your boat.)

a woman wearing lots of pearl jewelry
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Pearl Jewelry

The iridescent shine of water-born pearls reminds you of your ruling planet, the moon, and your ruling element, water.

alex and ani bff necklaces
Alex and Ani

Something Devoted To Your Bff

You don’t have a million friends, but good God are you loyal to the people you do let inside your circle. A friendship necklace, a message bracelet, a beanie cap: Make sure there’s something in your rotation that speaks to your undying love for your bestie. Bonus points if she has a matching version.

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