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You’ve been a loyal Zappos customer since the day you needed three wedding-shoe options in…oh…two days. It’s truly a shopping lifesaver. But there’s more to the site than just 47 pages of pointy-toe pumps. Check out these five ways to save.

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You Can Take Advantage of Free Shipping (and Returns)

It’s company policy—no matter what. Did we mention you also have a whopping 365 days to decide yea or nay? That means the super-cute shoes you bought (and never wore) to your sister’s graduation last June still qualify for a refund. Huzzah!


You Can Ask to Become a VIP

How they award this status is a bit hush-hush, but a lot of times just picking up the phone and asking is enough to gain access to the perks, which include free next-business-day shipping and a direct line to customer service. Not bad.


You Can Download the App

If, for whatever reason, customer service won’t grant you VIP status, don’t stress. All purchases made via the Zappos app (a free download for iPhone, Android and Kindle users) automatically qualify for free next-business-day shipping, too.


You Can Ask About Price Matching

Zappos claims it doesn't offer this service, but a number of people have reported success simply by contacting customer service and making the request (nicely, of course). Apparently, the odds are in your favor that the Zappos rep will put the price adjustment through just this once.


You Can Hold Your Shopping Cart (and Save)

Again, not a sure thing, but if you don’t have a coupon code at the ready or you’re on the fence about a purchase, sometimes just leaving a couple of items in your shopping cart for a couple of days—or hours—is enough for Zappos to ping you with a discount offer. (FYI, it’s also a retail trend.)

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