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Gone are the worn-out tights and shapeless tees we used to wear to the gym in college. With the boom of athleisure, we now have so many choices that are as chic as they are functional. But they come at a cost (which totally justifies why we’ve been incorporating them into our daily wardrobe). Here are some handy tips to keep them smelling and looking fresh longer.

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Sports Bras

Make it a habit to wash your sports bra after every workout. (Just bring it into the shower with you and hang dry.) On that note, air-drying is always your best bet because heat breaks down the fibers in your bra (which leads to faster wear and less support).

Moisture-Wicking Tops

As a rule of thumb, darker colored tops tend to last longer because they don’t show sweat stains or discolor as quickly as, say, a heather grey one would. Just like your bras, it’s best to give sweaty tops a quick lather and let air dry so any residue (be it from perspiration or deodorant) doesn’t set in and leave a permanent stench.

Spandex Leggings

Before you toss them in the wash, turn your leggings inside out (since that’s where most of the sweat and bacteria is absorbed) and set them to the delicate cycle. Concerned about certain unmentionable areas? Pre-treat with a direct shot of detergent and let the garments soak for an hour beforehand. Again, air-drying is your best friend for pretty much any type of workout gear. 


First off, no matter how much your mom insists it's okay to toss your dirty sneakers in the wash...don't. To keep them clean, scrub the exterior of the shoes with soap, water and a toothbrush, and replace the laces as needed. (You can also gently hand-wash the insoles if you like.) But never put sneakers in the dryer, by a vent or in a hot car (again, heat equals destruction). If you need a quick fix, drop a few unused teabags into each shoe and let them sit overnight to neutralize any funky odors. 

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