What Does Your Underwear Say About You?

Thongs and boy shorts and granny panties, oh my

They might be called unmentionables, but your style of choice actually speaks volume about the kind of person you are. What does your favorite pair say about you?


You played sports growing up and now make it your business to sit front row at spin class. You rock the minimal-makeup-and-ponytail look like it’s your job. You’re wholesome while being secretly kick-ass. And your spirit animal? Jennifer Garner.


You were the first of your friends to discover Victoria’s Secret in junior high and have been a loyal customer ever since. You prefer lacy pairs but will settle for cotton--really anything that will make visible panty lines obsolete. You live by the Elle Woods code of ethics and would rather die than miss your monthly wax appointment.

Boy Shorts

You know that description of the “cool girl” in Gone Girl? Yep, that’s you. During Sunday Night Football (go Giants, duh), you impress your guy pals with your ability to talk classic comic books and the best episodes of Top Gear, all while downing countless IPAs and rocking a pair of fitted jeans that give zero doubt of your gender.

High-waisted Briefs

Some call 'em granny panties…and unfashionable…and essentially a cry for help. You call 'em the secret reason your curves won't quit. Regardless of your age, you're a grown woman who's just as confident rocking a pencil skirt as she is negotiating a raise. That, and you can quote Bridget Jones line for line.



Whoa, girl. You ooze confidence, hate visible panty lines even more than your thong-wearing peers...and, OK, are anxiously awaiting the new Rihanna album. Other women might judge your life choices, but in reality they’re probably just jealous of A) your fearlessness and B) the constant breeze.

Period Panties

You read PureWow and are a genius.