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First dates can be stressful. What are you going to say? How is it going to go? Is he going to be as cool as he seems based on your casual Internet stalking? The last thing you should worry about is whether or not your skirt will accidentally flash everyone in a ten-foot radius. That and four other things you probably shouldn’t wear on a first date, below.

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A Brand-New Pair of Sky-High Heels

No matter how smokin’ they look at the beginning of the night, a pair of heels you haven’t properly broken in is awfully likely to betray you (and your fourth toe) mid-date. Stick to pairs you know you can walk a few blocks in—your date will never know the difference.

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Walk In Wonderland

Anything You’re Not Comfortable In

A miniskirt you’re worried is a bit too short. A dress that makes you feel like you have to suck in. While you might think these pieces read as “sexy,” fidgeting in your seat is decidedly not. Tugging at your sleeves and readjusting your bra straps comes across as insecure, so instead, opt for things that feel effortless and don’t require your constant attention.

Suburban Faux Pas

Too Much Perfume

More of a beauty problem than a clothing one, but worth repeating: A subtle hint of scent is alluring; assaulting your date’s nostrils (and the nostrils of everyone around you) is a turnoff. Spray cautiously, friends.

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Style Me Grasie

Something Inappropriate for the Venue

A little research goes a long way (and we’re not talking about finding out where your date did his third internship). Once you know where you’re going, look up the venue online to get a feel for its vibe. Basically, you don’t want to show up to a dive bar wearing a ball gown. Being over- or under-dressed will make you focus on what you’re wearing rather than what you’re saying.

firstdate guys
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

A Quintessential “First Date” Outfit

If we had a dollar for every magazine article we read touting fitted jeans, a silky blouse and heels as the “perfect” first date outfit….Maybe that combination works for you, but maybe it doesn’t. The point is, dress for yourself. No matter how many people tell you what outfit will make the best impression, if their suggestions don’t fit your style, ignore them.

Gal Meets Glam

What You Should Wear: Something That Makes You Feel *Amazing*

This obviously varies from person to person, but think about a time you felt really damn good about yourself and remember what you were wearing. Then wear that. Simple as that: Dress for yourself and your confidence will show. 

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