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Treggings May Be Your Favorite Fall Fashion Item

It?s unofficially fall, people! And we know you?re itching to stock up on bomber jackets and all things velvet. But what the hell is happening with pants? Are they wide? Are they skinny? Are they flared? Are they cropped?

The answer is yes?all of the above. And treggings may be your most versatile of all. Let?s discuss.

What they are: Just like they sound: a hybrid of trousers and leggings. Or, slim peg legs with a stretchy waistband.

What they aren?t: The same old leggings you?ve been wearing since 2010. The fabric here should be much thicker (and, hallelujah, more flattering) but still with a bit of give. When they're worn appropriately, no one will notice that they?re basically secret sweatpants.

How you wear them: Under larger, longer tops. Treggings aren't necessarily intended to replace trousers altogether, so don?t even think about tucking your blouse in (unless the waistband looks somewhat normal). Instead, when you want to layer on a chic tunic or oversized sweater, they?re a nice option as a base. Finish them off with a structured loafer and you?re suddenly the chicest person you know.

Get the look: H&M ($24); Uniqlo ($40); J.Crew ($98); Veronica Beard ($395)

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