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There’s nothing like a little retail therapy. A little sale here, a little sale here, and boom--you feel revived. But, what if you didn’t realize you were shopping all wrong? Chicago-based personal shopper and stylist Hanna Lee thinks you might be.

You--yes, you--are guilty of a few major retail dos and don’ts that could be wasting money without helping the state of your wardrobe. Here, four shopping mistakes you’re probably making.

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You're Facing “Shopping Overwhelm”

Let’s face it: shopping can be confusing. (How many bra styles are there?) Lee uses one tool to help her clients overcome “shopping overwhelm”: a list. Yeah, it’s not rocket science, but if you write out exactly what you’re looking for, you can avoid the “shop and grab” mistake, where you wind up with some purchases you weren’t expecting to make.

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You're Forgetting the “Rule of Three”

Can you easily wear your new piece three different ways with what’s already in your closet? Yes? Great, then you just added one more permutation of amazing outfits to your wardrobe. No? Then maybe give it a second thought before you buy.

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You're Swooning Over Sales

Let’s say you see a Marc Jacobs sweater. It’s a questionable shade of pink and one size too small. But it’s on sale. Lee warns us to be mindful in these precarious situations. If it weren't on sale, would you pay full price?  If not, then back away slowly from the discounts.

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You're Falling for Trends

Unless a trend is super inexpensive, save your money for the classics. But hey, you can still let your freak flag fly: Just try to do it a little smarter. Lee suggests nabbing the latest, greatest trends at a lower price point at stores like Forever 21, H&M and Old Navy.

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