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7 Outfits You Can Only Pull Off on Vacation

Beach week, how do we love thee? You've got salty air and sunshine, lobster rolls and cruiser bikes. But, more importantly, you're the one time of year we feel completely uninhibited in a pair of jorts. These are the seven things we adore about vacation dressing.

1. A caftan the size of Mexico. Is there enough fabric to cover a family of four? But just opaque enough to hide our swimsuit underneath? Then it's good enough to wear to the bar.

2. A straw hat that hits your shoulders. And while you're at it, sunglasses that graze your hairline.

3. Cutoffs so short, the pockets stick out. Normally, you're a perfect lady in a pair of shorts. Not this week! And it feels glorious.

3. A tank top with just the right amount of side boob. Listen, you didn't buy that $78 triangle bikini for nothing.

4. A ridiculously embellished...anything. A beaded clutch. A mirrored sarong. A tasseled muumuu. Go nuts.

5. A silk dress with flip-flops. You relish any opportunity to bust out a slinky number. But you'll be damned if you ruin your night in heels.

6. A (shhh...) scrunchie. You brought it to hold your hair back while you wash your face. You secretly keep it in for the breakfast buffet...and the town market...and the poolside happy hour. Fine, you wear it all day.

7. A stack of graphic tees. What's the last thing you do when packing? Dump in about five well-worn tees--just in case you need them for jogs along the beach midnight ice-cream runs.


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