This Puffer Jacket Changed My Mind About Puffer Jackets

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Some people have one winter coat and that’s all they need. I am not one of those people. In addition to loving cold weather, I love any kind of jacket or coat. At any given moment, my closet is overflowing with upwards of 20 styles (all of which I wear, thank you very much).

There are moto jackets and utility jackets, faux furs and teddy coats. But never—never—has there been a puffer jacket. Why? I just don’t like them. I’ve never found them particularly stylish or flattering, and while other jackets and coats can take an outfit to the next level, I’ve always felt that a puffer detracts from even the most fabulous ensemble. It’s kind of like going as Cinderella for Halloween…with a giant parka obscuring your ball gown.

Of course I still tried on puffers from time to time (there’s something to be said about owning a warm, weather-resistant jacket), but I could just never pull the trigger. That is, until I tried Universal Standard’s Kanda puffer.

A little background on the brand: Universal Standard launched in 2015. I’ve written about the company a number of times, and have always really admired its ethos that size inclusive and actually fashionable can go hand in hand. That being said, as someone who doesn’t wear plus sizes, I never thought the clothes were designed for me. I was wrong. The Kanda puffer is available in sizes 00 to 40, as is every product in the collection.

Now let’s talk about aesthetics. Unlike the blah puffers of yore, Universal Standard’s model is surprisingly chic. With a cocoon shape, high neck and cool wrap-jacket effect, it looks great over everything from gym clothes or skinny jeans to culottes or bell-bottoms. I’m around six feet tall, so unlike the stylish gal above, the jacket hits just under my butt. Although it comes in three colors (black, forest green and a grayish blue), I have it in black because 90 percent of my wardrobe is black. And guys, it’s warm. It’s made from a cruelty-free down alternative and is water-resistant. As for the price? At $230, it’s on par—if not more affordable—than other jackets of its quality.

Will I stop wearing my Hustlers-esque calf-length black faux-fur statement piece? No, I certainly will not. Will I be more open-minded to puffers moving forward? You betcha.

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