Whether Youre a Size 00 or 40, This Brand Will Show You Their Clothes on a Model with Your Body Type
Universal Standard

Most women can agree, it’s not often that you step out of a fitting room—or peer into the mirror at home while trying on a new online purchase—and feel confident about the clothing on your back (or backside). While we’re all in the constant pursuit of reaching Lizzo-esque levels of “feeling good as hell,” the experience of finding something cute and desirable that also happens to fit your body can oftentimes lead to a downward spiral. Chalk it up to the typically thin models who work with every label or the major lacking of sizes above a 12, but something’s got to change.

Luckily for the women of the world, Universal Standard has been working on finding a fix for the oft-negative experience of shopping by offering every single style they create in sizes 00 to 40. Yeah, that’s 22 different measurements, none of which have been relegated to labels like “regular” or “plus-size.” But the brand’s co-founders, Polina Veksler and Alexandra Waldman, didn’t stop there. They also photographed all of their designs on models of 11 different proportions, so shoppers can envision what each piece looks like, on a body just like their own, from every angle.

So, if you love Universal Standard’s easy, breezy side knot dress, you no longer have to wonder what it will look like in a 32. And if you’re curious about those dark-wash boyfriend crop jeans but not sure if you’ll fit into a 10 or a 12, you can figure that out by just taking a peek at how it sits on the hips of two different models. Yup, you can also see Universal Standard’s recent collaboration with Rodarte on a wide range of curves.

As Waldman put it: “We want fashion freedom. That sounds a bit corny, but really, I want to be able to walk into any store and use my taste to buy whatever I want!” Listen, we’re all about a corny sentiment—especially when it's so damn relatable for so many women.

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