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We know you’re all about looking special on date night. But if you’re like us, you mostly dress for yourself, whether he likes it or not. Join us for a celebration of your favorite, non-boyfriend-stoking pieces (and some styling tips). Like your favorite pair of granny panties, we support you.

Clothes longsweater 728x921

Long Sweater

No one should quibble with us wanting to wear what’s basically a knit bathrobe out in public. Why should we be cold on our flight? Choose one in a neutral color so that it just sort of disappears when you wear it.

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Cute Sweatpants

These get a bad rap, because with a good shoe and a pretty top, they’re a hipper version of super-comfy skinny trousers.

Clothes HiWaist 728x921

High-Waisted Jeans

They haven’t been called “mom jeans” for some time now, gentlemen. But even if they were, we’re pro-mom and pro-jeans that have a retro-cool edge. And that don’t reveal any muffin top when we sit down. Just tuck your shirt in to accentuate how small these make your waist look.

Uggs 728x524


Life is not just about stilettos. We’re wearing these with everything from yoga pants to skirts to jeans and feeling good about ourself…and our feet.

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Granny Panties

They're romcom joke fodder, but with special technology that holds you in, covers you up or is completely invisible under tight clothes, granny panties are making a comeback. No matter what, though, haters gonna hate.

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Caftan 728x524


Bodycon is not our idea of a good time. But a billowy long dress with room to move is, especially one that goes casual when we pair it with flats or is going-out apropos when we’re wearing heels.


Chunky Eyewear

We feel all sexy secretary in our Clark Kent shades, and we know exactly how to style our look by wearing them with smaller earrings and lighter eye makeup.

Clothes Tilda 728x921
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Anything Androgynous Chic

Ask yourself: Would everyone’s favorite Academy Award-winning fashion plate Tilda Swinton wear this outfit? If the answer is yes, it’s almost certain you’re not going to be boyfriend-approved. But we march on.

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