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We’re predicting a long hot summer, so that means you’ll want to alternate your more cute-but-restrictive high-waist jeans with the other big news of the summer: the sack dress. Here are seven styling to help you rock the trendiest and most comfy dress on the market.

Wear Statement Jewelry

Don?t junk up your nice clean waves of fabric with lots of little necklaces and such. Wear a striking cuff bracelet and/or necklace call it a day.

Short V-Neck Caftan by Rachel Craven ($220)

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Try the Hat Trick

Nothing says “I’m from Silverlake” more than adding a felt hat--preferably one that looks like it’s been tossed around the cab of a Ford F-150 for a season.

Linen Dress by Natalie Martin ($189)

Invest in a Good Slip

Baggy dresses are often gauze or thin cotton, which means they’re nice and cool. Too bad that means nice and see-through, too. Buy a natural fiber slip in a neutral hue that you’ll also be able to use as a nightie.

Silk Slip by Chay ($190)

Pair with a Simple Sandal

A flat sandal lends a “Jackie O vacationing in Greece” vibe to the sack dress.

Long Cocoon Dress by Rachel Craven ($260)

Pair with An Oxford

Another example of opposites attract: A feminine flowing dress looks great with an Oxford shoe.

Silk Dress by Natalie Martin ($304)

Dress Up with a Low Wedge

Want to wear a print but not look too gypsy? Pair with a low wedge heel--because a pair of pointy heels would ruin the not-trying-too-hard vibe.

Print Dress by Masscob ($405)

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Carry a Clutch

Again, the simpler the better. A simple clutch bag looks elegant, whereas your usual tote bag could just make you look itinerant.

Back-Pleated Cocoon Dress by Black Crane ($195)

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