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Lugging a wheelie behind you for a two-night weekend trip is sooo amateur. Instead, we’ve cherry-picked the best of the season’s new styles that won’t weigh you down. Oh, and you can toss it all over your shoulder--in a Cali-made bag beloved by style maven Alexa Chung--without throwing out your back. Get packing.


It all starts with a great bag (to wit: fashion fun girl Alexa Chung). The Cali-crafted Pacific Tote Company’s leather-and-canvas satchel ($170) is like the love child of a classic L.L. Bean cloth bag and a chic editor’s hold-everything carryall. In a word: perfect. It also has a top zipper, which discourages anyone from rifling through on the Amtrak Zephyr while you take a nap.

Pacific Tote Company, 1829 W. Sunset Blvd.; 424-246-8683 or

Striped top

Be the super-elegant 1960s socialite enjoying a midday martini that you know you can be. All you need is this wide-striped Hutton tee ($125), part of a capsule collection from Los Angeles-based interior designer Mark D. Sikes. The one-inch stripes and gold buttons at the shoulder, along with an impeccably nipped-in waist, turn the classic stripe pull-on into something day-to-evening worthy. Wear it with your white jeans for afternoon shopping, then pair it with a thin-striped gathered skirt for an edgy dinner date look.

White Denim

Oh summer uniform, how unforgiving you are to one’s figure. So pardon our crassness, people, but white jeans are no time to cheap out. Invest in a pair of Frame skinny jeans in blanc ($184), because not only are the back pockets engineered just so to flatter and lift your rear; the fabric is substantial enough to keep your unmentionables unseeable as well. Plus, the denim--a product of Los Angeles’s huge denim-science community--wears like iron but is soft like butter.


Nothing’s worse than not fitting into your waistband during your margarita-fueled rager on vaca. This elastic-waist skirt ($218) from hipster pajamas maker Sleepy Jones is the opposite of clingy, and its thin stripes read like a neutral--so you can pair it with anything from your bathing suit to a wide-striped top and look like you planned the whole thing out.

Sleepy Jones, 1318B Montana Ave., Santa Monica; 310-587-3522 or


You need a pair of shoes so comfortable, you forget you?re wearing them. Of course, it would be nice if they inspired ?Cool shoes. Where?d you get them?? comments from everyone. Get both with the Sandalia ($212), all cushy leather straps and sculpted cork sole, made and designed by Echo Park resident Beatrice Valenzuela.

Available at General Store, 1801 Lincoln Blvd., Venice; 310-751-6393 or

Cuff Bracelet

When you’re paring down for packing, include one piece of statement jewelry that works with everything--like this big brass cuff ($90) made by Wonder Woman. Kidding: It’s hand-crafted by local jewelry designer Daniela Barone.


Drill this into your head: Versatility, versatility, versatility. When you’re packing light, everything’s got to have more than one use. Such as this chic little Clare V. pouch ($135), which back home is a makeup case or coin purse. On vaca, it’s your evening bag…just vibrant enough so that you won’t leave it behind after that one last margarita.

Clare V., 3339 Sunset Blvd.; 323-665-2476 or


It?s a bandana. And?it?s a silk scarf ($70). And?it?s the answer to how to zhush up your outfit for every activity, from hiking to a dinner date.

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