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The One Trick to Preventing Tendinitis Pain
Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

You've learned all of the tricks to preventing blisters, like wearing socks to stretch out too-tight shoes or taping your toes together. But you still have an aching pain in the backs of your ankles...even when you're in flats. Here's why and what you can do about it. 

It's called tendinitis, and it's primarily caused by wearing high heels too often. When you wear heels, it changes the resting position of your ankles and puts a lot of pressure on them. Over time, this can shorten the tendons there, causing them to snap when you go barefoot later. So what should you do?

Switch up your shoes every day. Wore those super-cute lace-up flats today? Trade them for some modest midi heels tomorrow and platform sandals the next.

By varying the height of your heels regularly, you’ll shift the pressure around so you help the tendons stay more nimble. Let the shoe shopping commence!


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