The One Shoe Guaranteed to Make Your Outfit Look Super Expensive

There's something about a crisp, stark white pair of shoes that just says fancy. But not all white footwear is created equal. Here are the three most important things to look out for to make your shoes look as luxe as possible (no matter how much you actually spend).

1. The simpler the better. You might be tempted to treat a plain shoe as a blank canvas for adding extra embellishments, stitching and seams. But in reality, these add-ons just end up making a white shoe feel too busy.

2. Opt for a heel over a flat. Even a mini kitten heel will do, but elevating your foot off the ground makes it easier to keep your heels clean and continues the illusion that you're too fancy to put foot to pavement.

3. Pointed toes. There is a time and a place for rounded toes, but white shoes with that particular toe-box just end up looking geriatric.

One final tip for the road: Be sure to pick up a shoe cleaning kit so your new trendy white shoes can continue to look just as fresh as the day you bought them.

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