6 Women on the One Accessory They Can’t Live Without

Whether it’s the way it makes you look, makes you feel, makes your life more convenient or all of the above, every woman has a staple accessory that has changed her day-to-day. In the interest of paying it forward, we spoke with six women to find out exactly what those products are for each of them.

Holly & Tanager

The Wallet That's So Much More

“I recently had a baby, and in the early days of heading back to work, I was leaving my home with a backpack, a pumping bag and a purse. I needed to streamline, and this wallet does exactly that. It’s designed with enough room to hold a couple of lipsticks, plus a pocket for my iPhone, and it’s low-profile enough that I can pop it into my backpack yet chic enough to bring to a lunch meeting or happy hour after work.” – Rachel B.

Get the look: Holly & Tanager ($175)

Roberto Coin

The Ultimate Wear-anywhere Ring

“Hands down that would be my Roberto Coin gold ring. Because of the way it’s shaped, it almost looks stacked, which I love, and it has a really unique texture that people comment on all the time. It’s kind of the perfect everyday statement piece since it goes with everything, and I basically never take it off—my finger feels naked without it. Plus, the little ruby hidden inside the band makes me feel like I know this cool secret no one else knows. It’s probably a confidence-building placebo effect, but I’m here for it.” – Cristina G.

Get the look: Roberto Coin ($1,350)


The Sleek Tech Necessity

“As much as I’d like the one accessory I can’t live without to be a chic leather notebook that lives tucked under my arm at all times while I saunter to get a morning coffee and read the Sunday newspaper, that is just not my modern reality. In real life, I’ve found the one accessory I can’t live without is, in fact, a thin piece of plastic that hugs my iPhone in all the right places but doesn’t hide its beauty. Case-Mate’s Barely There provides the perfect amount of protection (OK, yes, I only bought this after dropping my phone and watching it shatter into a million pieces on the sidewalk) while maintaining the integrity of your handheld technology. Invest now and save yourself that $200 trip to the Apple Genius Bar.” – Madison R.

Get the look: Case-Mate ($25)


The Effortless Outfit Upgrade

“I’m full-on obsessed with any and all faux-fur scarves. The bolder, brighter and more unnatural the colors, the better. They’re so cozy and warm, and they make pretty much any outfit feel fresh and fun. They’re especially handy at the end of winter when I am bored with all of my coats.” – Abby H.

Get the look: Miss Selfridge ($45)


The Backpack That Carries Kindness

“Why carry a million bags when you can carry one chic backpack? As a New Yorker, I’m always schlepping things around, from my laptop to my yoga clothes to my latest hardcover read. State backpacks fit all of my stuff while looking great. And whenever you buy a bag, they donate one to a kid in need. It’s the fashion-functionality-philanthropy trifecta!” – Lauren G.

Get the look: State ($100)

Elizabeth and James

The Fragrant Cherry On Top

“I absolutely love perfume and never leave home without it. I like to switch up fragrances depending on my mood and season, so I always make sure to have a couple bottles on constant rotation. The one I turn to on most days is Elizabeth and James Nirvana White. It has a floral but slightly musky scent and gets me compliments every single time I wear it.” – Rachel G.

Get the scent: Elizabeth and James ($85)