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You catch your first whiff of pumpkin spice in the air and immediately run to the closest Macy’s to stock up on new sweaters. But wait a minute—where’s all the brown cable knit of seasons past? And what happened to all those basic black skinny jeans? Short answer: They’re stuck in fall 2017,where they belong. Because this year, fall is anything but basic. From incredibly fun denim to Easter-inspired sweaters (you read that right), here are the star pieces of the season to stock up on from Style & Co, created exclusively for Macy’s.

Anything-but-Ordinary Denim

fall jeans large Christian Vierig/Getty Images 

The Era of Funky Jeans is Upon Us

From wide legs and side stripes to embellishments and exaggerated cuffs, jeans are showing off their wild side. Feel free to dabble with a little color too. Hint: We’re still loving red.

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Tough Black Boots

fall black boots large Christian Vierig/Getty Images 

A Down-to-Earth Contrast

When it comes to fall’s favorite shoe (boots, of course), it’s all about utility. Combat boots and hiking styles are the perfect contrast to any overly feminine or bright outfit. (We’re looking at you, pastels. But more on that later.) We’ll admit these boots can seem tricky to nail, so we leave you with this: Consider them the all-purpose white sneakers of fall 2018 and pair them with everything from dresses to cropped denim.

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Springtime Sweaters

fall spring sweaters large Christian Vierig/Getty Images 

Juxtaposition At Its Finest

This season is all about surprising trends, and what’s more unexpected than wearing spring colors in fall? Shades of yellow and lavender are breaking down seasonal barriers for a seriously cheery moment. For an extra dose of trendy, wear them in any sweater style that reminds you of something you might find in your grandma’s hutch.

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Statement Moto Jackets

fall moto jacket large Lee/Stewart/Gotham/Getty Images 

Stray From the Norm

Shearling, cropped, belted and bright are all encouraged iterations of the classic leather jacket. Don’t shy away from embellishments and boldness this year—in fact, the cheekier the jacket, the better. You’re kind of in anything-goes-territory here, so our best advice is to find one that makes you smile and wear the heck out of it this season.

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Snakeskin Shoes

fall snakeskin boots large Christian Vierig/Getty Images 

Footwear is Shedding Its Old Skin

There’s no denying that leopard has been the star of the animal-print kingdom, but another pattern is slithering onto center stage this year: snakeskin. Block-heel booties, kitten-heel sling-backs and even ballet flats are all styles that, when worn in this texture, will make any outfit more chic.

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Shameless Plaid

fall plaid large Melodie Jeng/Getty Images 

A Then-and-Now Print with a Twist

If you feel like you’re going overboard, you’ve hit the mark. Go for unexpected hues like cobalt or bubblegum pink to keep it feeling fresh. One of our favorite styling tricks: Use a wide belt to define your feminine figure in a menswear blazer.

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