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You’re at a friend’s barbecue, having a ball. It’s gorgeous outside and you’re finally rocking your white jeans after a winter of puffy coats. Then, tragedy strikes: Your glass of Cabernet is jostled from your grip, sending the blood-red liquid directly onto your lap. Awesome.

Day ruined? Not if you’re wearing Old Navy’s game-changing Stay White jeans ($45). Seriously, after testing (nay, attacking) these guys with a number of common stain culprits, we can honestly say they’re legit. 

The jeans (which come in sizes zero to 20) really excel in repelling thin liquids. We spilled coffee, red wine and Diet Coke on our pants, and they all basically bounced off the fabric (think about rain sliding off a raincoat). 

Thicker substances (we tried Sriracha and a green smoothie) were a bit harder to get out. Much of the stains disappeared after a quick wipe-down with a wet napkin, but we’re thinking a machine wash should finish the job.

Heads up that the stain-resistant technology is only made to last 20 washes, but hey, you shouldn’t be washing your jeans all that often anyway.

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