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Sommar Theodore

Meet the lifestyle blogger who believes failure is only proof that you're trying

Sommar Theodore has a single goal: To help women who visit her blog, And in Sommary, feel more confident and motivated than they did before they came across her site. So she arms her readers with tools that can be applied to their personal style, beauty and, as she likes to say, “life’s shenanigans.” Here's how the DMV (a combination of Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia) native navigates through her life's shenanigans.

On her perfect day in DMV. “I love food, so I always do something food-focused. Some of my favorite places are Farmers, Fishers and Bakers, Georgetown Cupcake and Iron Rooster. I also love checking out festivals. There are so many types that come to the area—wine, food trucks, carnivals, crab feasts. There is always something to do here.”

On her favorite beauty trick. “I’m all about the five-minute face. It gets me through 75 percent of my week, actually. To pull it off, I put on mascara, my favorite lipstick or gloss, fill in my brows, grab a dope pair of shades and walk out of the house with my confidence in check. I do this if I’m pressed for time or if my face needs a break from wearing foundation.”

On something no one knows about her. “I used to be a dancer. In fact, I had two dreams: 1) To be a dancer with the Alvin Ailey dance company and 2) To be one of Janet Jackson’s backup dancers and tour the world with her. Two things are true today: I’m still in love with dance and I’m still in love with Janet Jackson.”

On the best piece of advice she’s ever received. “Have a ‘do it anyway’ mentality. Time will pass, do it anyway. People will question you or they won’t understand, do it anyway. You will fail, which is really just proof that you are trying. Push past the fear, do it anyway.”