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Raise your hand if carving out an entire weekend just to clean your closet sounds like your own personal nightmare. (Yep—us, too.) That’s why our approach to a spring refresh is more of a marathon, not a sprint. Here’s how to revamp your closet week by week so it’s fresh as a daisy come alfresco season.

1 Sweaters

We’re slowly inching our way out of sweater weather, so this drawer is a good place to start. Toss anything that’s pulled or shrunken without thinking twice. You can always find inexpensive on-trend sweaters, so don’t be afraid to cycle through them and start next winter with a clean slate (they’re too bulky to stockpile all summer anyway). Just hold on to your trusty cardigan and cashmere pullovers that layer well. They’ll come in handy on cooler spring nights, and then again in early fall.

Sponsored 2 Lingerie

Don’t be afraid to be ruthless. Purge anything that’s uncomfortable or ill-fitting. (That old sports bra you never wear anymore has no place in your current collection of underthings.) By the end of it, your drawer should only contain bras that look flawless under your clothes, a few cute pajamas you can wear in front of houseguests, at least one set you most certainly can’t and a soft robe you can throw on in any season.

3 Denim

You’ve got a pair for every day of the week and then some. Problem is, a lot of them haven’t been worn in years. Good denim is an investment, but it can also have a low cost-per-wear if you’re strategic. Any cheap jeans you haven’t worn in six months can go right into the donation bin. Any designer jeans that are out of style can be sold secondhand. To make sure your bases are covered, keep one of each: classic skinnies, high-waisted denim, good flares and a cropped relaxed fit (raw hems encouraged).

4 Shoes

The thing about shoes is that we can’t get enough of ’em (and we become weirdly attached to our ever-growing heap). But when it comes time to downsize, remember this: If you didn’t care enough to keep them from getting smelly, worn out and misshapen, you won’t miss them when they’re gone. Promise. Instead of focusing on your old shoes, think about making room for the new ones you’ll inevitably want next season. Then, when you’ve consolidated your footwear, institute a one-in-one-out policy moving forward.

5 Hanger

If you haven’t done so already, this is a good time to start turning your closet into a wardrobe as opposed to a random clothing hoard. Think of it as a capsule collection: Everything should have a common thread and make sense in the big picture. Stock up on mix-and-match basics and then pepper in seasonal trends that you can later swap out for new styles. Donate anything that doesn’t fit the bill. When you’re more conscientious about the pieces you keep in your closet, putting outfits together is a heck of a lot easier—especially during transitional weather.

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