Summer’s Top Jewelry Trend Works with Every Budget *and* Everything in Your Wardrobe

Your favorite color is trending right now. How do we know? Because all the colors of the rainbow are having a major moment, at least when it comes to jewelry. Perhaps the easiest way to embrace the style is with brilliant-colored baubles you can easily mix into your existing collection and won’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll work with your go-to summer outfits (spoiler alert: they will).

Another thing you won’t have to worry about? Breaking the bank just to stay on trend. We rounded up 27 pieces of the prettiest ROYGBIV-inspired jewels, with a special something for every budget—whether that’s $7 or $700.

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Faux Stacked Ring

The most affordable way to *literally* double down on the trend.

ASOS Curve ring ($7)


Layered Choker

Wear with a white off-the-shoulder blouse, to really show it off.

EIGHT by GJENMI Jewelry necklace ($26)


Matte Beads

If true rainbow bright isn’t quite your style, try a piece that showcases more muted shades instead.

Madewell bracelet ($28)


Raffia Earrings

Sure, these have a bit of a homemade art-teacher vibe, but whoever said that was a bad thing?

BaubleBar earrings ($36)


Angular Stones

The variety of shapes helps the elementary colors feel more grown-up.

8 Other Reasons earrings ($41)


Random Order

Just because ROYGBIV is trending doesn’t mean BYGORIV isn’t also in style.

BaubleBar ring ($44)

Local Eclectic

Arc Earrings

Sometimes the most obvious choice is also the best choice.

Local Eclectic earrings ($45)


Subtle Stripes

Hit ‘em from the front…and the back.

Sterling Forever earrings ($48)

J.Crew Factory

Statement Necklace

Imagine this stunner against a clean black T-shirt? Show stopping.

J.Crew Factory necklace ($60)


Dainty Ring

Even the most color-averse fashionista could find this cutie appealing.

Shami ring ($64)


Layered Enamel

Basically two rings, for the price of one.

Elizabeth Stone ring ($65)


Straw Earrings

Give your beige statement earrings a break.

J.Crew earrings ($65)


Mini-beaded Bracelet

Anyone else suddenly have an urge to go back to summer camp?

Elizabeth Cole bracelet ($73)


Spiked Choker

For when you want a full 360 degrees of multi-colored glory.

Nordstrom necklace ($79)

Annie Liu

Cube Bracelet

Proof that all you need is one tiny hint of each hue to be 100 percent on trend.

Annie Liu bracelet ($130)


Crescent Necklace

Perfect for the gal who likes to live by her own rules rather than follow the order of the rainbow.

Michael Golan Jewelry necklace ($110)

Neiman Marcus

Slide Bracelet

Just think about how well this will pop next to a simple gold watch.

Tai bracelet ($115)

Michael Kors

X-shape Ring

Delicate enough to stack, bold enough to grab your attention on its own.

Michael Kors ring ($150)

adina's jewels

Sun-burst Earrings

Don’t forget to get that side-profile selfie, to really show these beauties off.

Adina’s Jewels earrings ($175)

Roxanne Assoulin

Stretchy Bracelets

Mix and match them as you please, or choose just one for a more subtle vibe, if you prefer.

Roxanne Assoulin bracelet ($210 for set of three)

Jen Hansen

Straight-line Earrings

Add a little drama to your everyday workwear.

Jen Hansen earrings ($218)


Delicate Ring

So neat, to pretty, so getting added to our cart.

SLDA ring ($435)

Stephanie Gottlieb

Subtle Stones

Trust us, this ring necklace will still stay in style long after we’ve moved on to the next big trend.

Stephanie Gottlieb necklace ($550)


V-shape Huggies

The coolest way to rock a chevron, by far.

EF Collection earrings ($595)


Mini Hoops

Rubies and sapphires and garnets, oh my!

Jane Taylor earrings ($695)

Sydney Evan

Wordy Bracelet

A bracelet that perfectly describes how we feel about rainbow jewelry.

Sydney Evan bracelet ($1,100)


Branded Studs