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Your bedroom closet holds some of the most valuable goods you own, from those vintage Gucci loafers to that brand-new blazer you can’t wait to break out. So why is it always in shambles? Here, five secrets of women who treat their closets with the respect they deserve.

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They Give Away One When They Get One

OK, so you kinda went nuts at the J. Crew sample sale. (We aren’t judging.) That new blouse, though, can’t get added to your collection until you get rid of the weird see-through one you never wear. Same goes for new shoes, belts and big floppy sunhats. Unless you’re willing to trade out old ones for new items, your closet will turn super cluttered super quickly.


They Purge More Often Than You Think

Psst: Spring cleaning can happen more than once a year. Assess your wardrobe at least every season (or even better, once a month), and get rid of anything you can’t stand, haven’t worn or are “waiting to get fixed.” You’ll never regret the extra room. Trust.

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They Organize Based on What Makes the Most Sense to Them

No, you don’t have to group all your fall and winter pieces together. And you definitely don’t have to sort by color or style. Just organize by whatever system feels best and is easiest for you to understand, which will make future closet maintenance a breeze.

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They Use Every Inch of Space Efficiently

Use hooks for purses, shelves for shoes, hard-to-reach spots for luggage—and whatever you do, don’t forget to buy some good tiered hangars. In fact, you might want to take everything out and look at your empty closet with a fresh set of eyes, then maximize storage to best suit your lifestyle. 

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They Always, Always Put Things Back in The Right Place

You finally got around to cleaning and organizing your closet, but Ahh!, you can’t find anything to wear tonight! And double Ahh!—because you’ve taken a million dresses off hangers and there are stilettos everywhere! Don’t stress. Just make sure to always put things back where they came from in the future.

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