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Fashion mistakes are mortifying when they happen to you. When they happen to other people, though, they’re kind of funny (in a twisted, thank-God-that’s-not-me way). Luckily, a bunch of our friends, family members and co-workers are really good sports, and agreed to let us share their most cringe-worthy moments for your entertainment.

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rihanna wearing a pink skirt and strapless bra top
James Devaney/Getty Images

Down She Goes
“On several occasions I've worn strapless bras with shirts that definitely don't call for one. (Listen, I was in a rush and my other bras were dirty and/or nowhere to be found.) On one especially unfortunate day, I wore a strapless bra to work and then ended up going out dancing afterwards. A word to the wise: If you have small boobs and choose to dance in a loose-fitting shirt with a strapless bra, said bra will fall down around your waist mid-song.”
–Grace, NYC

The Funky Bunch
“I hate doing laundry, which means I try to re-wear anything that's not definitely dirty. In a rush to run some errands, I slid on a pair of yoga pants I had worn a couple days earlier (they were definitely still clean) and ran out the door. On my way out, I felt something weird in the butt area of my pants, but figured it was just my underwear bunched up. That night when I got home after being out and about all day, I took my pants off and realized there was a thong shoved inside the butt of my pants. I was walking around with bunched up underwear inside my leggings all day.” –Roberta, Florida

woman wearing a short white dress
Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Yes, Butt
“A couple years ago I was at a country music festival and was wearing a white, flowy, short dress. I really had to go to the bathroom, so I went into an outhouse and, when I came out, had no idea that my dress was tucked up into my underwear. I was also wearing nude undies, so I looked naked. I was walking around the festival with more than 30,000 people with my whole bum out, until some guy in a cowboy hat finally came up and told me. I was so mortified!” –Ali, NYC

Sweat Surrender
“I’m a sweater. I should know this, but I still fall victim to shirts and dresses that I know I’ll sweat through but buy nonetheless because they’re cute. This particular day I was wearing a lavender blouse. It wasn’t that hot, so I figured I’d be fine. (As if.) Within maybe 30 minutes, my back looked like a Rorschach test and I had the worst sweat marks underneath my boobs. Lesson learned: I’m a sweaty human, some colors just weren’t made for me.” –Kat, Atlanta

Stalling for Time
“A few years ago I went to a wedding and wore a dress that was a little snug and a little low cut, so I had to wear a low cut push up bra with padding (not my usual style). Between the food and drinks at the cocktail hour, by the time we got to dinner my dress was feeling extremely tight. I went to the bathroom and unzipped the dress to give myself a little break. To my horror, I couldn't zip it back up. I had only one choice: to take my bra off and leave it hidden in the stall. I took it off, zipped my dress and rejoined my husband at the bar satisfied with a job well done…Only to hear a woman exclaim to her friends, "Can you believe it? Someone left a bra in the bathroom! Who does that?!” –Rachel, Westchester, NY

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woman wearing a black dress and plaid coat
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

“Black is a dark color, yes? So you can wear whatever kind of bra under a black dress or shirt and no one will notice, yes? That’s what I thought too, until I wore a white bra (that wasn’t particularly good-looking) under a black dress to a birthday party. The white bra might not have been obvious in person, but the second an iPhone flash went off, it looked like I was wearing some kind of medieval support garment under an otherwise chic ensemble. I removed a lot of Instagram tags the next morning.” –Elise, L.A.

Total Slip-Up
“For a big meeting, I wore a black lace dress with a nude slip underneath. I was walking to the subway, on my way to work, and everyone was staring at naturally I thought I was looking very powerful and professional. It wasn't until a woman tapped me on my shoulder and told me my slip had ridden up not just in the back, but around my entire waist, that I realized I was giving the entire Upper West Side of Manhattan a show. Very embarrassing, but the meeting was great!” –Margurite, NYC

woman wearing a striped sweater ripped jeans and white boots
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Let ’Er Rip
“Most of my jeans are ripped. Not by me, but on purpose, by designers who charge way too much for pants that look like they’ve been lived in for years (don’t get my dad—or any relative over the age of 60, for that matter—started on how dumb distressed denim is). I have a habit of picking at the loose strands and usually it’s no big deal. Until it is. I was absentmindedly tugging at a tear pretty high up on my thigh when it unraveled way more than I expected, revealing my underwear and quite a bit of hipbone. Needless to say I’ve found less embarrassing ways to keep my hands busy.” –Kelly, Denver 

Impulse Bye-Bye
“You know when you get an email about a ‘huge’ sale and you get totally swept up in it, only to spend a bunch of money on something you didn’t need? I’ve done that more times than I’d like to admit, but this particular time, I splurged on a completely ridiculous denim poncho (I promise it looked so cool on the model online). Of course, when it arrived at my house I realized that a denim poncho is…silly. I felt guilty for spending so much money on it, though, and I forced myself to wear it. I felt so uncomfortable the entire time it was on my body that I vowed to never wear it again and donated it almost immediately. I would say lesson learned, but I have 100 percent done the same thing at least twice since.” –Emmie, Houston

Urine Trouble
“I once wore a skin-tight leotard (with no snaps!) to an all-day outdoor music festival. You try peeing in a Porta-Potty in that thing!” –Jill, Philadelphia

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