This Bra Company Was Created for Ladies with Tiny Boobs

Look, we’re all about lingerie inclusiveness. Give us a bra line with 70 different sizes or a multi-shade range to fit all skin tones and we’re happy campers.

So when we heard about a line created specifically for ladies with small chests, we had to know more.

Introducing Pepper, a bra company whose mission is to rally women to “embrace the 'flat' in flattering.” Cute, right?

Per the company’s co-founder Jaclyn Fu, “Having small boobs myself, I never found a bra that made me feel good about my body. It’s a terrible experience: Awkward cup gaps, too much padding, having to shop in the tweens section—it seems like our needs are only an afterthought for mainstream bra companies. Unlike most bra companies that design for the ‘standard’ 36C size, Pepper specially designs with small cup sizes in mind.” 

There’s also none of the “which style should I choose?” dilemma of shopping at, say, a Victoria’s Secret. That’s because Pepper carries only one style, the All You bra. Available in black, beige and mint ($49). The fine folks at Pepper spent a year developing this guy, which cups, lifts and flatters small breasts, without any gapping or annoying padding.

Per one satisfied customer, “This is the first bra that’s both actually fit me AND made my breasts look good—what more could I ask for? It’s very comfortable; sometimes I forget I’m wearing it, which has not happened with previous bras.”

Sizes range from 32AA to 38B, which, admittedly, pales in comparison to bigger brands like ThirdLove. But still, if your boobs are more mosquito bite than melon, you might want to give it a shot.

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