One Editor’s Genius Trick for When She Cant Figure Out What to Wear
Abby Hepworth

Mornings are not an easy time for anyone. (Unless you’re one of those super-lucky early birds, in which case, you're probably already dressed and halfway through eating your homemade breakfast and drinking your second cup of coffee. Show-off.) Some days I can barely put two and two together, let alone an entire outfit. But rather than reach for my go-to striped tee and skinny jeans again, I developed a system for figuring out what to wear, and it’s been a total lifesaver.

Here it is: Anytime I wear something I really love—whether it’s to work, a date or even a wedding—I snap a full-length photo of myself in the mirror and move that image into a designated folder on my phone. Then the next time I’m feeling sartorially challenged, I simply whip out my phone and scroll through until I find something I like.

Having a handy catalog of outfits I feel fabulous in has saved me from majorly stressing out on numerous occasions. And as a bonus, it often reminds me of pieces in my wardrobe I completely forgot about.

I like to think of it as a mini digital stylist, right in my pocket—a smartphone Clueless closet, if you will. Cher Horowitz would be so proud.

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