Olivia Jeanette

Meet the tech exec turned fashionista

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Native Missourian Olivia Jeanette had dreams of becoming a Silicon Valley tech titan. But when a career move sent her packing for New York City, she found herself drawn toward another corporate matter: dressing appropriately for the boardroom. Sensing a void in chic, business wear inspiration, Olivia started her own website to inject some fun into the space. Spoiler: This side hustle morphed into a fruitful full-time calling. Olivia’s top-line fashion philosophy? “Make your office space your catwalk!” Now that’s messaging we can get behind.

On her surprising guilty pleasure. “I am a huge fan of all things business-related. I follow top business people from around the world, read their books, listen to their podcasts. Although I'm no longer in corporate America, I still follow the playbook.”

On her perfect day in NYC. “We are simpletons for the most part. The perfect day here in New York City is my husband, Matt; my son, Sebastian; and I having breakfast together at home. Then we’d catch the ferry over to Dumbo, Brooklyn, to walk around the waterfront and snap photos. We’d take a break in Brooklyn Bridge Park with a pizza from Grimaldi's, then head home and take our dog Batman to the dog park in Madison Square Park. Finally, we’d finish off the day under the park lights with some ShakeShack for dinner and a nice stroll home together.”

On the one piece of advice she’d give her 18-year-old self. “Figure out what story you want to share with the world and be consistent.”

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