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Fashion director of Vogue Australia and stylist Christine Centenera knows a thing or two about clothes. That's why we were so excited to team up with the wardrobe-organizing experts at Finery and get a sneak a peek inside her closet. There, we were surprised to find multiple pairs of our favorite fall footwear: sleek, black boots. To the untrained eye, they might all look the same, but to fashion maven Centenera, each subtle difference has a purpose. Our takeaway? We should never feel guilty about owning ten pairs of the same piece either, and here are four reasons to help convince you, too.

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Kristin Sinclair/Timur Emek/Melodie Jeng/Getty Images

Not All Shoes Are Created Equal
Small variances in style make each pair unique and give them their own personalities. You might already own a pair of simple, sleek suede ankle boots to wear with a chic shift dress, but slap a bright gold buckle across the front and you have an entirely new attitude that you can bust out with distressed skinny jeans and a moto jacket.

Sometimes Your Footwear Needs a Break
Leather has a reputation for being tough as nails, but the fabric is more sensitive than you think. Wearing the same pair of boots day in and day out means they have limited time to air out and revert back to their original shape. Over time this causes unpleasant odors and stretched-out leather. Stick to a 24-hour rest rule to ensure your boots stay as perfect as the day you bought them.

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Christian Vierig/Kristin Sinclair/Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Different Outfits Require Different Shoes
One style does not fit all. Over-the-knee boots look great with a slouchy sweater dress, while a flat lace-up moto version looks better with form-fitting skinnies. As for this season’s coolest new cut, the sock boot? It’s basically a match made in heaven with cropped jeans. Having an assortment of styles ready to go means you’ll always be prepared to give your outfits their best possible base.

There’s Always a New Cut to Try
Playing with new trends and mixing and matching to create fresh outfit ideas is all part of the fun of getting dressed. Just because you have one pair of flat, suede over-the-knee boots doesn’t mean you shouldn’t test the waters with a block-heeled, velvet pair.

It's Important to Be Inspired
Get an exclusive look at the boots Centenera loves most (and how she styles them) by checking out her closet on PureWow's Finery homepage.

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