I’m Outfitting My Entire Life in Linen and No One Can Stop Me

If you were to ask me what the most amazing, gotta-have it, might die without it material in the world is, you might expect an answer like silk or cashmere. Or, I don’t know, some kind of NASA-engineered microfiber specifically designed for comfort. But you’d be wrong. The correct answer is linen.

Yep, there’s something about the sorta rough, very wrinkle-prone material favored by tenured anthropology professors and sassy Miami octogenarians that makes me want to outfit myself and my entire home in the stuff. It doesn’t hurt that it’s naturally cool in hot weather or that it’s more sustainable than cotton. I mean, linen is over 30,000 years old—no biggie—and was prized by the ancient Egyptians. Here, nine ways I’m living my best life while surrounding myself with all the linen.

My Friends Made Fun of Me for Wearing This Trend Last Year—and Now It’s Everywhere


Button-front Jumpsuit

Thank you, Reformation, for convincing everyone else in the world that linen is sexy and not just sensible attire for a beekeeper. (Although, can’t it just be both?!) 



Fact: Linen sheets are the bedding equivalent of an ASMR video. For years I was mistakenly chasing high thread counts when all I really needed for blissful slumber was a full-body micro-massage. 



Ideal for those moments when you want to lean into the Florida retiree vibe. 


Cross-back Apron

When you put on this apron, you immediately become a rustic-chic food blogger who grows her own herbs and bakes sourdough from scratch. Crazy, but entirely true. 



Why yes, it does look like these smart heels were made from the leftover fabric used to upholster a ’70s couch.



You’re damn right, I do want to feel like I’m sleeping on a hammock in the tropics even when I am, in fact, just on an Ikea bed in Brooklyn. 


Waffle-knit Throw

What, I’m supposed to watch Netflix sans blanket just because it’s 85 degrees out? I don’t think so. P.S. You can’t argue with a living-room accessory that actually looks better rumpled.


Bow Barrette

Oh, just tying my hair back after a long day herding sheep in an Alpine meadow. You know how it is.


Bath Towel

Pros of standard terrycloth: very soft, very cozy. Pros of linen: more absorbent and quicker drying than cotton, antimicrobial, makes you feel vaguely French. (Tough call, really.)

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