It’s the opposite of fast fashion. Normcore luxe is investment dressing for a new generation, an elevated form of uniform dressing in which you build outfits around a few well-made and traditional hero items. Rather than buying a bagful of scratchy, misshapen sweaters at a chain store, you save up and splash out on one elegant knit that becomes the first thing you reach for in your closet. Here are five gorgeous pieces we’re wearing, coveting or hinting really heavily about for our loved ones’ gift shopping.

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normcore luxe fishermans sweater

1. The Shaker Stitch Sweater

Roomy and rugged, this textural sweater (here by ALC) makes you immediately want to throw it on over rolled-up jeans, grab a coffee and walk the San Diego waterline with your golden retriever. Although it looks fine in real life too.

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the silk skirt
Anine Bing

2. The Silk Skirt

In a neutral tone, this Anine Bing skirt goes with anything from a chunky sweater to a suit jacket. For cocktails, it’s froufrou with heels, but it’s great with a pair of high-tops when you’re running around town.

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normcore luxe sweater dress
Jenni Kayne

3. The Sweater Dress

Here’s one reason to buy quality: In a fine woven knit such as this one that’s made of cotton, cashmere and spandex, this Jenni Kayne knit tank dress is going to flatter your curves rather than bunch up around them. And the high neckline makes a nice backdrop for a simple gold chain (the normcore bling of choice).

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the blazer

4. The Blazer

During a late-fall heat wave, a lightweight poly-blend jacket (like this one by Tory Burch in double-faced men’s suiting) functions as a coat. Throw it on over a band T-shirt for a rock-’n’-roll edge or layer it with a turtleneck and scarf for a preppier vibe.

Buy It ($598)

normcore luxe short boot kitten heel

5. The Short Boot

Sorry, but there’s nothing like a good pair of short boots—we’re talking leather soles, classic lines and quality leather uppers—for comfortable prestige dressing. Just add a statement bag to these Anine Bing kitten-heel numbers and you’re fully accessorized.

Buy It ($399)

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