From your middle-school spring-dance dress to this season’s backless slides, there’s one store you’ve always turned to for all things wardrobe: Nordstrom. And since there seems to be no escaping your addiction anytime soon, we figured we’d wrangle some Nordstrom perks and tips for navigating the department store like a pro. Happy shopping, gals.

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1. Return Items Whenever You Feel Like It

Nordstrom has the most lenient and accommodating return policy, like, ever. The department store approaches individual returns on a case-by-case basis and will usually accept any kind of purchase evidence (credit card, tag, receipt or otherwise)—meaning it’s chill to change your mind about the culottes you never wore way after the fact.

2. Call Them Out If Something’s Cheaper Elsewhere

It’s pretty simple. If you buy a blouse and then discover it costs $25 less at Bloomingdale’s, just call up Nordstrom, tell them the competitor’s better deal, and it’ll refund you the difference. This also goes for in-store markdowns. (If said top goes on sale within two weeks of your purchase, Nordstrom will send you a check).

3. Have Them Fix Damaged Merch On-Site

Scenario: You find a unicorn of a blouse, one of a kind, hidden in a sale rack, but manage to get your foundation all over the lacy collar while trying it on. (Been there.) Rather than paying extra to bring it to the cleaner's or abandoning the garment entirely, just take it back to the alterations department where staffers will gladly steam and treat it on the spot (using a magical lavender soap, so we hear). 

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4. Get Your Denim Hemmed Gratis

Springing for some pricey new jeans? Save a little bit on alterations here, where on-site tailors will take in your denim at no extra charge.

5. And Take Advantage of Complimentary Stylists

Whether you’d prefer someone else scour the racks for a “Southern coastal black tie” dress code (WTF, weddings?) or you’d just really value some advice on accessorizing your mom jeans, Nordstrom’s in-store stylists are hugely helpful. Simply book an appointment online, tell your pro what you’re after, and they’ll prep a dressing room for you at your nearest location.

6. Sign Up for a Nordstrom Debit Card

This program lets you earn rewards (think early access to the famous anniversary sale and free company dollars) the same way you would with a credit card. Except that you can link your card right up with your checking account instead (thereby skipping high-interest fees and, erm, spending money you don’t really have in the first place).

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7. Don’t Forget to Shop the Shoe Sample Sale

Important under-the-radar sale to know about: Twice a year Nordstrom’s shoe salon will have a sample-size shoe sale where you can score some deep discounts (think 60 to 80 percent off designer duds). If you have small feet (sizes 5 to 7), ask your local associate when that store’s sale is. (They can even send you a reminder email.) 

8. Scoop Up Items Ending in “$0.97”

All Nordstrom items reduce over the course of a few months, but once you see markdown items ending in these two digits, it’s an indication that they’re headed to Nordstrom Rack very soon. Translation: The price will not go any lower in store—so get 'em while the gettin’s good.

9. Shop Online with Abandon

Major: Nordstrom offers free shipping and (as discussed earlier) free returns all the time, no exceptions. Which means you'll never sneakily get ripped off with mailing costs when returning sale items (should they not fit or meet expectations). So go ahead, pull the damn trigger.

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