“Cashmere” and “summer” are two words that sound foreign when used in the same sentence. Throw in the term “heat wave” and it basically becomes a different language. So when Naadam introduced their ultra-thin cashmere line earlier this summer, my curiosity was piqued—is it really wearable in New York City, especially in July when humidity is at an all-time high? The line is different from their usual Mongolian cashmere in that it's blended with organic silk (another natural, biodegradable fiber) to allow for a super light and soft feel without sacrificing quality. Coupled with the fact that it can be machine washed on cold and laid flat to dry (a summer must), I stocked up on deodorant, put the fabric to the test and captured the evidence via mirror selfie for a full workweek. Here’s how my cashmere experiment played out.

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Day 1: Ribbed Biker Short

Outside Temperature: 95 and humid 

I’ve been championing bike shorts since their debut last fall, so I was very pleased to see them in the Naadam lineup. Not to mention, I now had a great excuse to wear my favorite controversial trend to the office. Because the weather was sticky, I opted for a cotton tank and linen blazer on top, plus a silky headband to mask any sweat incurred during my mile-and-a-half walk to work.

The verdict: These bike shorts were surprisingly cool—figuratively speaking. It was my upper body that was a little worse for wear (yeah, I had to reapply deodorant throughout the day). And given the fact that I was sweating less on the cashmere half of my body, I felt a bit better about what was to come the rest of the week.

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Day 2: Ribbed Jumpsuit

Outside temperature: 90 and (still) humid

Feeling pretty confident from my bike shorts day, I went all-in with a wide-leg jumpsuit for day two. I originally bought this piece for an international flight, because it feels like (ok, and kind of looks like) PJs. Since the top of the jumpsuit is cut really low, I layered a white tee underneath. You’re welcome, HR!

The verdict: I may have been a little too ambitious with this outfit for the schlep to work, but once I stopped sweating, I was very comfortable in my frigid office for the remainder of the day. And since the cashmere-silk blend is super lightweight, it didn’t take long for me to cool off. I’d definitely consider rocking this jumpsuit again during summer, but I’d wear it on a weekend, when I could get away with skipping the T-shirt layer.

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Day 3: Tank Dress with Side Slits

Outside Temperature: 85 and thunder-storming

Day three was a solid five degrees cooler, but don’t worry, it was the most humid day of the week…even though it was downpouring. I didn’t want to perish on the commute to work, so I went with the tank dress (which is now my favorite piece of clothing, BTW) and some silver Stan Smiths, because you really don’t want to risk stepping in a NYC puddle in sandals. Believe me. 

The verdict: Did I mention this is now my favorite article of clothing? This dress is everything. It feels like a nightgown in the best way possible—non-clingy and soft as can be, except it doesn't totally hide my shape. It's something that I could confidently wear to happy hour drinks without thinking twice. As far as my commute was concerned, not only was I comfortable on the walk, but I was also comfy in the office, where the AC was on full-blast. It basically solved all my problems without the need to carry around an extra sweater.

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Day 4: Ribbed Flared Pants

Outside Temperature: 90 and humid

I hoped that yesterday’s storms would nix some of the humidity, but alas, I was wrong. Day four was just as humid, but I really wanted to wear these pseudo-sweatpants to work (who wouldn’t?!). I knew it was risky to wear long sleeves, too, but this white button-up from Madewell is usually very breathable. So, I just went for it. 

The verdict: Yeah, definitely a little sweaty. But again, I was feeling comfy at my desk. My upper body was honestly hotter than my lower half and thanks to the flared silhouette, the pants were quite breezy. I felt like I was getting away with something sneaky by wearing sweatpants to the office. That was enough to get me through the day.

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Day 5: Long Sleeve Ribbed Crop Top

Outside Temperature: 80 and sunny 

Hallelujah! Looks like I caught a break for my final day of cashmere. I honestly didn’t even look at the forecast before leaving my apartment, but I decided to offset these long sleeves and cropped cut with high-waisted linen paper bag-waist shorts. Cue up the Lizzo—confident is an understatement.

The verdict: This might have been my best idea all week. I learned a few things over these cashmere days and knew it would be a struggle to go with long sleeves and long pants, no matter the temperature. My walk to work was actually so pleasant that I even took the scenic route. Plus, I loved the surprisingly cute color scheme of pale pink and faded camel.

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Final Thoughts

I will no longer shudder at the idea of wearing cashmere during the summer, but it’s definitely a strategic outfit choice. It worked for me, because although I walk a long distance to and from work, I spend the majority of my day in a highly air conditioned office. I still felt like I needed layers and my beloved desk blanket throughout the day, so that’s how you know Naadam’s ultra-thin cashmere is indeed, thin AF.

It’s worth noting that the ribbed fabric is extremely comfortable and forgiving—aka I never had to worry about it being see-through or bunching in unflattering ways. The fact that it was blended with silk really helped to give it a lighter, less dense feel. 

Will I wear cashmere for the rest of August? Honestly, yes (especially that tank dress). And if you’re someone who doesn’t have a long commute, or better yet, gets to work via air-conditioned car, then I whole-heartedly recommend grabbing your own summer cashmere. Plus, you can layer it throughout fall with heavier jackets and flannels. That, my friends, is versatility at its finest.

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