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How do we love Mindy Kaling? Let us count the ways. She’s a brilliant writer, a hilarious actress and a total style icon. To celebrate that last point we’ve rounded up nine of her best looks, and the styling tips we learned from them.

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mindy kaling style prints
Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

Don’t Blend In

Mindy knows her way around a black dress, but her style really shines when she’s wearing the loud prints and colors we’ve come to expect from her. There’s a time and a place for monochromatic basics, but there’s also a time and a place for the most fun floral pantsuit and coordinating trench ever. (That time is always.)

mindy kaling style dresspants
Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

Wear Your Dress Over Pants

Sure, this is more of a tunic, but you get the point. When it comes to dressing, think outside the box, whether that means wearing a T-shirt under a dress or slipping on a pair of skinny pants beneath a skirt.

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mindy kaling style mixedprints
Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Mix Prints with Abandon

While she might not personally mix prints as constantly as her TV character does, real-life Mindy is an expert at pairing seemingly opposing motifs and making them look like they should never be apart. Learn from her, though, and stick to one loud pattern (like this dress) worn with something a touch less in-your-face (like this semi-sheer top underneath).

mindy kaling style matching set
Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

But Also Try Matching Sets

Obviously we’re very into Mindy’s print-mashing abilities, but sticking to just one pattern is another fab option. Bonus points if your matching set is a crop top and high-waisted skirt.

mindy kaling style belt
Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Use Belts Liberally

Well, isn’t this a fun dress? What really puts it over the edge, though, is that shiny belt. It not only adds an unexpected texture to the look but also highlights the narrowest part of Mindy’s torso, creating a gorgeous hourglass silhouette.

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mindy kaling style menswear
Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

Give Menswear a Try

Oh hey, style maven. Mindy’s tailored trousers, striped suiting blouse and lamé blazer borrow from the boys while remaining decidedly feminine. Basically, if you want to look like the coolest girl at the party, throw on a suit and be on your way.

mindy kaling style ruching
JB Lacroix/Getty Images

Embrace the Power of Ruching

The term “ruching” conjures bad memories of prom dresses, but when a garment is draped and nipped in like this at the waist, it creates a really beautiful cinched look. And it doesn’t even have to be a knockout cobalt gown; it could be a structured blouse or jacket.

mindy kaling style blazers
Todd Williamson/Getty Images

Pull Everything Together with a Blazer

Going somewhere where you want to look chic but still be super comfortable? Toss a blazer atop an otherwise run-of-the-mill outfit and behold this closet staple’s fancying powers. Seriously, as long as you have a sleek topper, you can get away with wearing jeans or leather leggings and a T-shirt on a red carpet (or to a nice dinner).

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mindy kaling style formfitting
Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

Don’t Fear Form-Fitting Silhouettes

Real talk: When you don’t have supermodel-like measurements, body-hugging dresses can be daunting. As Mindy so expertly proves, though, tighter-fitting silhouettes can really highlight your show-stopping curves.

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