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Marni Harvey

Meet the former publishing-industry veteran turned full-time fashion influencer

Marni Harvey was immersed in fashion before she ever knew she wanted to be in front of the camera. After “always hustling to succeed at the hottest publications” (ahem, including Conde Nast and Hearst), Harvey moved on to digital ad sales at DailyCandy. She began her blog, Style on the Rise, in 2014 as a hobby, posting pictures of her latest outfits and writing about her favorite topic: clothing. But another job—this time at an influencer marketing start-up—spurred her to pursue the hobby full-time.

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On her brand, Style on the Rise. “It sits on the crossroads of style, creativity and inspiration—motivating women everywhere to take fashion risks, mix and match trends and always remember that the streets of their city are the real runway.”

On her perfect day in NYC. “It includes heading out to an amazing brunch (downtown, of course, and avocado toast and french fries are a must), shooting creative content in inspiring NYC locations and spending time with my hubby (whether it’s shopping, wining and dining or having a chill night at the movies).”

On her best tip for budding fashion influencers and bloggers. “I’m always on the go and don’t have time to stop for a food break, so I always carry snacks—nuts, bars, fruit—just something to hold me over so I can continue my meetings, shoots, etc.”

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On the best advice she’s received. “Be yourself. Authenticity is everything. And be a leader…it’s the only way to succeed.”