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Sure, you know all the laundry tips and tricks. But wouldn’t it be nice not to have to break out the salad spinner every time you want to clean your bra? Here, three types that hold up well in the machine (even in *gasp* permanent press).

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machine wash bras cotton
Brook There

Organic Cotton

Fact: Polyester lace won’t hold up in the spin cycle as well as 100-percent organic cotton, since the latter is made up of strong interwoven and natural fibers. It’s extremely breathable and doesn’t retain as many odors (which cuts down on washes), and it maintains its original shape and texture in the laundry due to the absence of spandex and synthetic materials, which are often the cause of sagging and stretching in clothing.

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machine wash bra underwire
Lane Bryant

Anything That Feels Like Jersey

You know that super-soft material often used for PJs? It’s probably a type of jersey (which, again, is made from cotton) or a synthetic look-alike, such as rayon (or its sister fabrics modal, lyocell and viscose). In lingerie, you’ll usually find a blend of one of these fabrics with spandex for stretch, but just make sure it contains five percent or less to prevent stretching and bagginess over time. Despite their typical care instructions, jersey materials (and underwire) can often withstand the washing machine. Just maybe select the delicate cycle and air-dry to prevent shrinkage.

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machine wash bra sport

“Smart” Fabrics

OK, so we know what we said earlier about synthetics. But when it comes to activewear fabrics and technology, strides are being made to create material that’s sweat-wicking, machine-washable and long-lasting. Enter polyamide, Lycra sport blends, luon and a variety of other types cropping up in the textile market. These modern fabrics are designed to pull out moisture and then also be easy to care for. Just make sure to wash in the cold cycle and tumble dry on low.

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