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Loft just launched a brand-new campaign that highlights ordinary women with extraordinary stories.

The clothing company just debuted a movement called LOFTimist, which shines the spotlight on 20 inspiring women from all different walks of life—like Amanda Gorman (the U.S.’s first youth poet laureate), Brittany Sinitch (a former Parkland teacher turned philanthropist) and CeCe Olisa (the creator of the plus-size convention The Curvy Con).

loftimist campaign

So, what is a LOFTimist? According to Olisa (pictured below), it’s defined as “a woman who tends to be confident about her future, her success and the success of the women around her.”

In honor of the campaign, Loft stores will feature imagery of the role models in window displays and online beginning today, February 20 (aka the inaugural National LOFTimist Day). In addition to receiving a 20 percent discount on all purchases, in-store customers will receive a free gift.

Loft is also encouraging followers to join the movement by sharing their own #LOFTimist pictures on social media. To fully spread the LOFTimism, the company is also donating $20,000 to its charity partner, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

loftimist campaign CeCe Olisa

“I absolutely love everything that this campaign stands for,” Sinitch said. “I see so many beautiful LOFTimists from all different walks of life. We all have our own stories but come together embracing what it means to be ourselves.”

Talk about a well-deserved honor.

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