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Lace Morris

Meet the real estate maven who loves living outside the box

Denver native Lace Morris is a jill-of-many-trades. After pursuing a career in real estate, she detoured to a stint on a low-key little show called The Bachelor, gaining national recognition for her humor, say-what-you-mean disposition and personal style.

Today, Lace is back on her hustle, balancing the demands of her burgeoning real estate career with those of being a successful Instagram influencer. We checked in with the Renaissance woman to learn about all things Lace.

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On her favorite spots in Denver. “One of my favorite hikes is the Boulder Flatirons: It has so has many trails within the park and the views are amazing. My boyfriend and I love to eat at Dos Santos, which has great service, street-style tacos and fresh, delicious margs. And Avanti is one of our favorite bars with the best views of downtown Denver.”

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On her secret tricks for staying camera-ready. “Turmeric pills, which rid my bloat, and B-12 vitamins every morning,” she tells us. “And I swear by using an ice roller on my face. It eliminates puffiness and redness, eases tension and, most importantly, it reduces my pores.”

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On the motto she lives by. “Be yourself. Seriously!”