Finding a pair of jeans that actually fits—ones that make your butt look good, don’t do that weird baggy crotch thing and hug your waist just so—isn’t easy. And for those of us who aren’t built like a model, it can prove even more frustrating when shopping online. Apparently, Khloé Kardshian feels the same way, so she decided to offer a simple solution: She made it so that every single pair of Good American jeans is modeled by 15 different women, one in each of the 15 sizes available. That way, everyone can get an idea of what that style will actually look like on their body. Yup, that’s right: Every. Single. Pair. And I really have to ask, why aren’t all the other brands doing this?!

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good curve jeans in comfort stretch
Good American

Wondering how I found this all out? Well, earlier this summer, while getting into a car, I ripped a gigantic hole in the rear end of my favorite pair of distressed boyfriend jeans. Because White House Black Market no longer makes my beloved style, I subsequently spent the majority of the month searching in vain for a replacement pair. I wanted jeans with just the right amount of stretch, loose but not baggy, distressed but not shredded and long enough to cover my ankles (a real challenge given every designer’s current penchant for cropped lengths, coupled with my considerable height). A busy schedule meant shopping online would be my best bet, but that’s where I ran into trouble.

Pair after pair looked great on the models at Nordstrom, Revolve, Shopbop and other brand sites. They appeared to check off all those aforementioned boxes, but, as I was reminded with the arrival of every USPS box: I don’t have a model figure. Not even close. I may be tall but my muscular legs don’t allow denim to hang in the same way that it might on someone with super-lean stems. I desperately wished I could see what these loose, boyfriend styles would look like on legs like mine, before I went through the hassle of placing an order...and then having to promptly return it. And then I visited the Good American website.

Good American has been dedicated to serving those of us with non-modelesque figures since Kardashian launched it as a denim brand in October 2016. Now a full-fledged fashion line, its sizes range from 00 up to 24, with many styles specifically cut to flatter curvier silhouettes (buh-bye, annoying waist gap!). In March 2019, Kardashian and her co-founder, Emma Grede, took things step further and began showing all of their jeans on 15 different models, one for each available size. (However, it’s worth noting that some older designs and additional ready-to-wear and athleisure styles can only be viewed on sizes 0, 8 and 16.) And, no, not all of those women are six-feet tall or shaped like an hourglass.

good boy jeans in rigid
Good American

It feels like such an easy fix for such a persistent and widespread issue, and yet Good American is one of the few brands I know of that allows customers to get such a clear idea of what its product will look like on them, IRL. Seeing someone who looks like me (or at least more like me than most denim models) made me infinitely more confident when adding things to my cart because I already knew what to expect before my package even arrived.

I wouldn’t necessarily have expected a member of the Kardashian crew to have such a practical and down-to-earth view on womenswear, but I’m pretty damn glad Khloé proved me wrong. 

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