Jessie Randall

Meet the powerhouse shoe guru

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“Shoes have always been my first love—ever since I was a little girl,” Jessie Randall tells us, “so design and footwear were inescapable.” Following this early-established passion, Jessie launched Loeffler Randall (her luxe meets laid-back footwear and accessories brand) in 2004 with her husband and business partner, Brian Murphy. 

Fast-forward to today and Jessie’s childhood dreams have transformed into a household name that can be found in 250 retailers worldwide. As for where to find Jessie herself? She’s probably cruising around Brooklyn’s Prospect Park with her three children, or shopping in Soho for her next crafting project—and always in her own fabulous footwear, of course.

Image: Lindsey Belle

On the highlights of her career (thus far). “A few major brand moments have been: the first time our brand appeared in a magazine, selling into Bergdorf Goodman our first season (and still selling there all these years later!), winning the Swarovski CFDA Award when I was nine months pregnant with my twins, the opening of our beautiful light-filled office and showroom in Soho that is such a lovely reflection of our brand, and winning ACE's Brand of the Year this summer.”

On her best “mom hack.” “A big unlock for me this year was arranging everything for my kids through calendar invites. I spend so much of my time coordinating their schedules this saves me so much time and energy. It's one invite that can go to a bunch of different people with all the info needed.”

On her neighborhood favorites. “I live in Brooklyn and work in Soho. My three favorite things to do in my Brooklyn neighborhood are: Have lunch at Cafe Couleur, work on an art project with my kids and enjoy Prospect Park. My three favorite things to do in Soho are: Shop for craft supplies at Purl Soho, have lunch at Jack's Wife Freda and look for pretty desk supplies at McNally Jackson Goods For The Study.”

On her unexpected obsession. “I'm a bit of an open book. I'm not sure there's something that no one knows about me. Maybe my supreme love of Abby Miller (but everyone in my office knows that).”


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