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Yellow is stunning, cheerful and also a universally tough color to wear. (You can thank your undertones for the confusion.) But since it’s slated to be one of the year’s trendiest colors, we figured it’s time to learn how to find the right shade for your exact skin tone.

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yellow 1

If Your Skin Tone is Medium and Warm

Are you on the peachy and golden side? Bright yellows shine on warm skin tones, so go for sunshine or pineapple hues.

yellow 2

If It’s Deep and Neutral

A bold canary yellow looks gorgeous on deeper skin tones. When color blocking with yellow, remember: Saturated shades go best with other dark colors.

yellow 3

If You’re More Light and Neutral

Say your coloring is on the very light side: Medium yellows are a great choice, and a nice buttery shade will look delicious on leather.

yellow 4

If Your Skin is Medium and Cool

Go bold with a butterscotch shade. You won’t regret it when you drape a lush coat of another rich color over your shoulders and get all the compliments.

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yellow 5

If It’s Fair and Warm

A citron yellow will look best on you. In cooler months, pair it with gray suede details to keep it looking appropriate for the season (not to mention a bit more professional).

yellow 6

Or If It’s Deep and Warm

Pairing mustard yellow and brown is an easy and chic way for you to rock the '70s trend everyone’s been obsessing over (but without the mental torture of trying to fit into your old bell-bottoms).

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yellow 7

If Your Undertones are Medium and Cool

Go for the gold. The more silky and satiny, the better.

yellow 8

Or If They’re Light and Warm

A rich Dijon is great for you, especially on a medium-weight coat. Since the color works for both wintery and springtime months, you’ll get a ton of use out of it come transitional-dressing season.

yellow 9

If You’re Fair and Neutral

Soft, light yellows like daffodil and banana are going to complement your skin the best. A good rule of thumb for mixing shades of a single color (and to avoid looking like a paint swatch) is to incorporate each in a different texture.

yellow 10

And If Your Skin Is Light and Cool

The world is kind of your oyster, as far as yellows go. A range of shades will work on you, but a nice medium honey is a good place to start.

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